There are elements in the bathroom that provide practicality and improve comfort and the experience of using it. This is the case of accessories and, specifically, of the bathroom soap dish, which facilitates daily hygiene and beauty rituals thanks to its functionality, as well as the versatility in its infinite possibilities of strategic location in the room.

In addition, we must not forget that thanks to the careful design of these bathroom soap dishes, they can become a differentiating element of the bathroom, giving it its own personality, when the details are what make the difference.

At Noken we have a wide range of bathroom soap dishes and shower soap dishes, all of which can be easily installed on the wall or on support that allow them to be easily adapted to each space and its particularities.

Our Lounge, Forma and Urban C bathroom soap dishes are characterized by being a design composed of a minimalist base, with straight lines and a different piece for the soap bar, thus simulating a 2-piece and available in finishes as diverse as titanium, chrome, gold, copper and matte black.

On the other hand, the Easy and Nantes models are more classic cut, with a bathroom soap dish design that is made up of the wall light and the soap container, being able to choose finishes in chrome or mirror-effect stainless steel, depending on the desired decorative style.

Noken shower soap dishes can be found in rectangular or corner shapes, adapting to the characteristics of that space. All of them with a chrome finish and a design based on thin metal bars, ideal for placing containers of personal hygiene products in them.

Highlight one of these models of shower soap dishes as it has a double height, a design, designed to achieve greater ergonomics and ease of use.