Noken bathroom accessories are designed to confer practicality and improve the comfort of our customers, in which design and functionality come together to provide a unique user experience.

The bathroom robe hook and towel holders for the shower thus become one of the star accessories of the room, with a wide range of styles and finishes to be able to choose the bathroom holder that best integrates with the rest of the accessories, and with the decorative style that best fits your personality.

Among the various wall holders for the bathroom by Noken, you can find designs with rounded shapes, such as the Tono or Round Inox lines, as well as more rectangular silhouettes but with softened corners and angles, as in the case of the holder lines for the Lounge, Forma and Urban C.

All these options stand out for having a more evocative design, where the hook that characterizes the towel holders is more stylized, more mimetized with the environment thanks to a more contemporary conception of this accessory, without neglecting its functionality. They can be customized through different finishes such as chrome, white, black, copper, gold or titanium (the latter two also in a brushed finish).

On the other hand, we find the lines of towel holders for the Lounge, Round Inox, Forma, Nantes, Urban C, Easy and Hotels bathroom (also in a double hook version), in which the before mentioned hook wins in presence and prominence .