Finish Studio is a meticulously selected aesthetic that we apply to our products as if they were a blank slate. Pieces in natural and vibrant colours that feel amazing, with incredible resistance. The result of the perfect combination of innovation, meticulously selected materials, and a production process in which we take care of every detail.

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The Noken Brassware range and bathroom accessories add Premium finishes to this on-trend colour. Special skins for bathroom and kitchen taps, showers and accessories are available in matt black and gloss white, as well as metallic, gold, titanium, brushed titanium, copper and brushed copper finishes. The gloss versions of copper and gold elevate the Slender washbasins, giving your bathroom the total look. Metallic glints that give pieces even more exclusivity and broaden decorative possibilities. The special finishes are produced using PVD (physical vapour deposition), achieving a more durable finish than others.



Finish Studio can apply any colour from the RAL chart to free-standing baths, as well as matt metallic copper, titanium and gold colours. The colour is applied to the bath panel by hand using artisanal production processes. The interior is left white, and we can customise it with metallic accessories that marry perfectly with the finishes of the taps and accessories.



Other collections from the firm Noken can be dyed in solid colours, offering a wealth of possibilities. The Essence C compact collection becomes the star in full colour. The toilets in this series take on different shades in 12 incredibly diverse finishes: candy purple, pastel beige, turquoise green, ocean blue, twilight blue, cobalt blue, crocodile green, canary yellow, sand beige, jet black, fusion grey and pearl grey. On the grey spectrum we have toilets, bidets and washbasins in grey, black and matt white from our collections including Lounge, Essence C, Acro compact and Arquitect.



Using a highly complex manual process, the Finish Studio service can be applied to washbasins from the rounded Slender range, maintaining its characteristic thin edge. Hand-painted ceramic washbasins are unique pieces that rely on the extensive technical knowledge and sensitivity of the artisan working on them: pieces are customised at both a visual and tactile level. A unique and unequalled finish. We use two different processes to customise our washbasins in Deep Concrete, Dark Concrete, Caliza Concrete, Acero Concrete finishes; and Gold and Copper metallic finishes: paint and PVD respectively.


Shower trays

Our Slate range of shower trays are customised using digital printing techniques with state-of-the-art UV-LED ink, with a selection of options that echo natural finishes: stone such as Deep Concrete, Dark Concrete, Caliza Concrete, Marquina Stone, Marfil Stone, Carrara Marble and Travertino Marble; and wood such as Scandinavian Wood, Cognac Wood and Arce Wood. These looks are enhanced by the texture of the Slate series, and can be applied to standard sizes or customised products as required by the customer.

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