TONO Collection

A reinterpretation of the functional design by Foster+Partners. The renowned architecture studio led by Norman Foster has worked with Porcelanosa Bathrooms to create a bathroom which, by simply eliminating certain superfluous details, achieves elegance and promotes sustainability. It is a set of designer pieces which, made from high quality materials, are harmoniously combined while improving people’s quality of life. Modularity and versatility in a pure state. The fittings which a personalised bathroom requires.

Fosters + Partners

Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability, which was founded fifty years ago in 1967 by Norman Foster. Since then, he and the team around him have established an international practice with a worldwide reputation for thoughtful and pioneering design, working as a single studio that is both ethnically and culturally diverse. The studio integrates the skills of architecture with several other disciplines in a collegiate working environment that is similar to a compact university. These diverse skills make us capable of tackling a wide range of projects, particularly those of considerable complexity and scale.


The design

Together, Foster & Partners and Porcelanosa Bathrooms have strived to develop an uncommon collection, in which all individually produced components work simultaneously in a holistic, harmonious way. Tono is defined by the options and flexibility that it offers. Almost any configuration is possible. Unified by a common, simple language of design and a palette of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic highlights the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the form and the art of manufacturing. It is a full, integrated bathroom with a limitless selection of finishes and materials.

Bathroom taps

The bathroom tap series consists of lightweight, highly intuitive, practical pieces. Its elegant bevel captures the light and acts as a visual accent together with a striated surface inviting the user to open it. Available in Finish Studio chrome, titanium and copper finishes. On the other hand, the showerheads represent practical simplicity.


Practical simplicity, also in the shower. The Tono showerhead has been specially designed to make the shower a space for pleasure and daily escape.


Various types of countertop or suspended washbasin, combining minimalism and functionality in equal measure. With a ceramic clicker discharger and overflow for use in high transit areas. They are made from high range Noken Ceramic, a material that gives pieces great durability, resistance and easy maintenance.

Free-standing bathtub

Free-standing bathtub for charming designs. They have a support surface for greater convenience, as well as an up-down discharger system with a hidden overflow. Elegant simplicity. Less is more.


Suspended toilets manufactured with Noken Ceramic, the high quality sanitary ceramic from Noken. With a simple, minimalist design, these toilets adapt to any bathroom design, eliminating the superfluous and offering dynamism and modernity. These toilets are also sustainable, with a reduced double flush system of 3 and 4.5 litres.


The practical minimalism of Foster+Partners is also reflected in accessories. A long list of towel rails, hangers, slides and countless small elements which give a distinctive character to each bathroom.

Towel radiators

The towel radiator provides the bathroom with the warmth and comfort required by a relaxing bathroom.