TILE Collection

The ceramic tile as a central element. The extra-fine XLight porcelain from Urbatek momentarily “moves” from wall coverings to cover bathroom units. It is a challenge to interior design combining classic design and noble materials inspiring XLight Premium with the quality and durability of porcelain. Elegance and classicism which contrast with the avant-garde spirit of a material which is a revolution for interior design.

Bathroom units

A unique, refined piece which combines two materials: laminated oak finish and XLight Premium covering by Urbatek, specifically in its Aged Dark Nature and Lush White Polished versions. Imitation Stone and marble in a resistant unit with great storage capacity, available in 80 and 120cm, for larger or smaller bathrooms.


The mirror which completes the collection, in the same size as the unit (80 and 120cm), has LED lighting which automatically activates a sensor located on the side of the mirror. Also includes demisting.