The interpretation of bathroom design by Simone Micheli. A timeless set of designer pieces, which are always elegant and modern. The latest trends in finishes cover the fittings, with designs in straight and winding designs which fill the bathroom with Italian refinement and sophistication.


Sustainability, compatibility and sensory values guide Simone Micheli when creating each one of his projects. With Lounge, the designer conceived a full bathroom project focused on comfort and wellbeing, through the design of delightful bathroom elements, but above all which are practical and functional. Avant-garde finishes combined with quality materials which allow the creation of a unique bathroom with the Lounge collection, which is pure and exquisitely futuristic.

Simone Micheli

Italian architect and designer Simone Micheli (1964) was in 1990 the founding partner of his own architecture studio. His design is based on efficiency and sustainability, premises which are taken into account when shaping his unique creations which have strong identities of their own. He has various international awards such as the 2008 Los Angeles International Design Award and the 2011 Venice Tre Number One Award, among others. Additionally, he is the creator of famous projects around the world, such as Hotel Barceló Milán.