Collection ESSENCE C

Salles de bains sobres, salles de bains délicates. Salles de bains modernes où prime la simplicité. C’est « l’essence » de la collection Essence-C, un équipement de salle de bains aux lignes droites et pures où prédominent la praticité, le confort de l’utilisateur au quotidien. Une combinaison d’éléments de forte personnalité, de charisme et d’avant-garde.


From the supported 49cm washbasin without an overflow to the 80cm suspended washbasin with the basin on the right and an overflow. Two versions from the same collection, both made from high quality sanitary ceramic. The suspended washbasin is also complemented by a practical towel rail installed on its lower section.


Practical toilets, available in both floor and suspended versions, for greater convenience and space in the bathroom, in gloss white and matte white. Perfect for minimalist or small bathrooms.

Towel dryers

Pieces designed with their own personality which adapt to any bathroom space, in large sizes for greater warmth and comfort. Available in Chrome, black and white finishes.