Wood leads the way in the bathroom: perfect harmony between what is natural and what is functional

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 09 may 2018

The bathroom has become a space geared towards relaxation and comfort, where the contact with what is natural is essential for achieving a harmonious and comforting atmosphere.

Thus, the genuine materials are increasingly playing a greater role in bathroom interior design, with wood being one of the finishes which best answers the call of this new bathroom concept that is based on the revitalizing strength of water, as well as the harmony of every single piece that makes up the space.

Wood not only provides the bathroom with warmth and naturalness, but it is also a material with character and a timeless aesthetic which perfectly suits a contemporary bathroom style and a more vintage design as well, resulting in providing the space with authenticity and personality.

The bathroom equipment developed by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms adapts this fine material to the bathroom space demands by creating some furniture and wooden accessories specially developed to withstand the demands of a room that so much wetness entails.


Pure Line Wood: minimalism and toughness in the very same design

The current interior design banks on the simplicity in the lines and the functionality in design. With the aim of joining the aesthetic minimalism offered by the latest trends, Noken has created Pure Line Wood, an extension of the Pure Line bathroom collection which is supported by the solid tough look of the wood without compromising its simplicity and versatility through symmetric combinations and geometric elegance.

In this regard, Pure Line Wood banks on the naturalness of the wood for the creation of bathroom furniture. Specifically, the collection offers a design renovation where the aged oak natural wood is combined with the metallic structures through their installation with legs.




Hotels: the wooden equipment which holds up in contract bathroom spaces

Whereas at home the bathroom design is increasingly more inspired by the warmth and tranquillity of spas, with contract projects in hotels, which offer maximum comfort to the guests, this concept takes on a greater role. As a matter of fact, in order to meet the wide demands of bathroom spaces, Noken has created the bathroom equipment for hotels from the Hotels collection , which now also banks on wood for its furniture.

The most meaningful piece from this new natural essence of the Hotels collection is a Fresco natural wood console table for wall-hung basins. Its design is characterised by its minimal lines and its lightweight look which includes a lower shelf which makes both greater storage capacity and functionality possible.





TIP: Integrate bathroom equipment into an atmosphere which is covered with ceramic wood

These designs by Noken go with the other designs from the other PORCELANOSA Grupo firms perfectly, which achieve in integrating, as well as conveying that natural genuine essence, such as Par-Ker ceramic parquet and Starwood, both of them guaranteeing the highest anti-wetness and anti-slip technical performance for floors and walls alike.

One of the other solutions which allows for the wood look in the shower, is the Shower Deck shower tray by Butech, an installation system which offers the ceramic parquet as the flooring in the shower tray.

In this way, through the essence of the wood, Noken has created designs which meet current necessities and the most cutting-edge trends in architecture and interior design, resulting in the achievement of the perfect harmony between design and naturalness.