WELLNESS Showers: revitalising bathrooms solutions

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Date: 02 ago 2017

On a tireless quest for the bathroom to become more than a space that is just dedicated to personal care and daily cleaning, Noken have come up with wellness showers. A whole universe around water which is designed for the shower to become one of the most revitalising experiences of the day.

Versatility, functionality and magic are what showers by Noken are all about, combining the three therapies aimed at enhancing our senses: chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. The objective is to create an authentic temple of relaxation through cutting-edge designs inspired by movement and the continuous flow and transformation of water.

Wellness showerheads by Noken are capable of having positive effects on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of anyone who surrounds themselves with their water, colour cycles and aromas.

1. Hydrotherapy. What is it and what does it give us?

Hydrotherapy is a really ancient discipline which uses water for the benefit of our well-being, in any way, any state or at any temperature.

The reasons for its benefits come from the environment in which life evolved, namely water, which makes up 60% of our body weight.

We can count among its benefits energetic reactivation and energy flow restoration, and purifying properties are attributed to it, too.  As well as that, we have the capability of balancing blood pressure, revitalization, pain relief, or body temperature control.

2. Chromotherapy. How does it benefit us?

More than a beautiful set of lights and colours, there are several studies which certify chromotherapy as being a fully functional practice. This can also contribute to establishing an emotional balance that helps us deal with our daily lives.

From a range of cold colours that are associated with relaxation and tranquility, to warm colours that provide so much vital energy, this practice, along with the effects of different types of water outlets can lead to extremely significant benefits for both the body and the mind.

3. Aromatherapy. A supplement sensitive to water benefits

In addition, aromatherapy takes advantage of the essential oils properties extracted from aromatic plants in order to restore the balance and harmony of the body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty.

Thanks to its capability of promoting relaxation and evoking sensations, it is a facilitator for complete well-being in our day-to-day lives.

Wellness Showers: a new shower concept 

As if it was an individual spa, the Wellness Showers showerhead range has an oscillating explosion of light and colour, which adds to the possibility of choosing between different water outlets such as a cascading flood and soft rain, as well as the aromatic properties that enhance the experience.

As well as that, there are showerheads in the Lounge Showerhead range whose water outlet options may vary depending on the size of the showerhead, the 40x40 showerhead has rain, water column and vaporiser all available, whereas the 60x40 and 60x60 have rain, water column and cascade.

Seasons showerheads have certain advantages, such as the benefits of aromatherapy in addition to chromotherapy features.

In a simple and intuitive way, with a small control that can be located inside the shower, Lounge and Seasons recreate atmospheric lighting and a combination of extraordinary water outlets that not only match the essence but also meet the ambitious challenge by Noken: creating products and innovative concepts for a contemporary bathroom space.

ENERGY, RELAX and SENSATIONS. Three colour programs, three shower experiences

With a total of sixteen shades, "Lounge Wellness Showers" adapt to any mood, offering a unique shower experience with its three programs: ENERGY, RELAX and SENSATIONS.

While ENERGY is more a symphony of vibrant colours which are full of energy with warm shades, perfect for morning showers; RELAX represents the serenity and calmness of cold colours, evoking the calmness needed to get a good night’s sleep.

For its part, the SENSATIONS program is the result of the synergy of the previous two, offering a perfect cyan colour to induce relaxation after a tiring day at work; like an intense orange colour capable of giving the necessary vitality to help face any situation.

To sum up, Wellness showers by Noken not only have a stunning beauty aesthetic with their sets of lights and colours but they also offer the beneficial properties of chromotherapy and aromatherapy. There are several studies certifying that the combination of water programs with different types of colours provide an emotional balance capable of balancing the body and mind.