Unique personality with the special finishes of Noken bathroom taps

Category: Products
Date: 22 abr 2015

Decorators and interior designers are paying increasing amounts of attention to the decoration of bathroom spaces; as are their users, who require atmospheres that reflect their personality, without giving up the functionality which is so necessary in these spaces which are used every day.

In this context, the option of personalising every element takes on a special importance, both in designs and options for finishes. Aware of this necessity, Noken distinguishes itself by offering a full range of special finishes for bathroom taps, with a wide variety which adapts to the tastes and needs of each project.

Currently, we offer you the possibility of personalising the Noken bathroom taps that you choose with up to six high-gloss special finish options: the sumptuousness of the gold finish, the mysterious aspect of the smoked grey finish, the exclusivity of the gold rose finish, and the modern, subdued air of gloss nickel, as well as the more traditional options of copper and chrome. In addition to these, there is also the discreet, elegant matte nickel finish.

The distinction of the application of this varied tonal palette is seen in the special finishes of the Chelsea collection, where each finish brings a special nuance to these vintage inspired bathroom taps whose design is combined with a harmony of curves and edges.

To achieve this variety of special finishes for bathroom taps, at Noken we use the vapour deposition technique, also known as PVD (physical vapour deposition), which offers a more robust, hard-wearing high-gloss covering. As a result, these special finishes offer a resistance to cleaning products and corrosion which is greater than that of traditional galvanising.

In this way, perfect results are achieved even for the most demanding projects and high transit areas, without giving up the exclusivity offered by being able to choose the shade which best reflects the personality of each work of interior design.