Trends in bathroom furniture: choose the design that best fits your bathroom and your way of life

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 12 jul 2017

When one opts for bathroom furniture, it must be defined by not only colour or style. It is necessary to know for whom it is designed and, above all, what needs it will meet. That is why Noken, a specialised firm in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, provides a wide range of bathroom collections, from futuristic inspiration designs for the most visionary minded people, to bathroom furniture that brings the best of classic and avant-garde designs together for those who are fond of the past. And the best thing is that these unique designs done by Noken to satisfy the most modern of bathrooms, where the highest quality in manufacturing materials is added, without forgetting about meeting the needs of each user.

NK concept bathroom furniture: functional minimalism 

The NK Concept collection is one of the most minimalist series by Noken. With pure and infinite lines, the NK Concept bathroom furniture has a medium size wall-hung unit that stands out because of its great adaptability, being a great option for urban bathrooms with small dimensions. The fact that it is furniture that comes without handles provides visual lightness in its units, but it takes advantage of the space below the basin for storage.

Lounge bathroom furniture: Sobriety and distinction

The Antracita Lounge wall-hung cabinet is presented as a piece of furniture with a sober and distinguished look. The furniture structure is lacquered in a high-quality gloss, counting on a front in anthracite colour tempered glass, the same material as the countertop. Externally, the drawer handle, made of natural oak, stands out on the cabinet.

Inside, the furniture is made in an anthracite grey. It has a large storage capacity, offering a large space for storing all those everyday bathroom products. Regarding the drawer, this is made up of several units and an oak tray, thus enhancing the sense of order and harmony.

Pure Line bathroom furniture: versatility and asymmetrical simplicity 

The Pure Line bathroom cabinet can be installed either wall hung or supported on metal legs that support the drawer. This is located at the bottom of the basin, and it is lacquered in white. 

The drawer has a front handle lacquered in matte black, like the legs, and with units inside. This also means extra storage space in the bathroom. This piece is available in three sizes: 85cm with legs included, 60cm and 100cm, for the wall-hung cabinet.

Arquitect bathroom furniture: cutting-edge elegance 

The Arquitect wall-hung bathroom furniture is available in two sizes, which are 80cm and 120cm, and in two finishes: black and grey, done so in order to provide the space with elegance and lightness. The support surface has been treated with Fenix NTM®, a nanotechnological material which provides the furniture with innovative and revolutionary features. This work in R&D allows for achieving a nice texture which is soft to touch, adding a new feature to the market, since the surface scratches can be repaired by applying heat to the damaged area. Thanks to the qualities of this exclusive piece coupled with an outstanding design, we discover a new concept for the bathroom.

The elegance for the furniture is provided by the mirror in a copper finish, installed in the front part, behind some original slats. A unique piece which impresses everyone because of its elegance and avant-garde design, thanks to the most modern and technological advances by Noken for today’s world.

Chelsea bathroom furniture: a timeless classic

The Chelsea collection is characterised by its incomparable classical style. Bathroom items with great elegance and character, which are not only timeless but way beyond today’s trends. In order to emphasise that timeless feeling of luxury, perfectly formed curves and continuous lines shine. Its finish is in a gloss white, aesthetically combining with the wood from the drawer, whose finish is in a white oakwood laminate, along with the push opening. Further on from the functional aspect regarding this type of drawer opening, the Chelsea bathroom furniture is equipped with some hidden guides with full removal systems, therefore, in this set, there is yet more added quality offered by Noken.

Forma bathroom furniture: industrial trend

Last but not least, the Forma wall-hung unit consists of a contemporary medium-sized piece, with rounded corners and that special curvature which characterises this collection. In conclusion, a piece of design which is able to embellish any space and provide it with style, thanks to that industrial ‘must have’ touch.

A huge number of designs provided by Porcelanosa Bathrooms for contemporary bathrooms. A piece of furniture for each bathroom and person, and always with a high-level of comfort and a practical spirit.