The new Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower trays: cutting-edge design for 21st century showers

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Date: 24 ene 2019
  • Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms expands its shower tray catalogue with two cutting-edge aesthetic collections and extensive properties.
  • Quality, safety and low maintenance so that the shower is a unique experience every single day.

As one of its standout innovations for the 26th International Exhibition, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms expands its shower tray catalogue. New series with a cutting-edge aesthetic and multiple properties that guarantee safety in the shower, making the shower experience pleasurable every day.

The Light Stone Series: lighter. Multiple properties

The Light Stone shower trays series is characterised by its lightness. This makes both handling and installing the shower tray that much easier. Available in three finishes: white, black and grey; it meets the needs of different types of bathrooms. These trays have properties such as: thermal and chemical resistance, reparability, high hardness, easy cleaning and low maintenance. Light Stone is also a highly slip-resistant tray collection, guaranteeing the user´s safety in the shower. As well as that, its surface is soft to touch, which creates a pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the skin.




In the Light Stone Series, Noken has three different shower tray designs:


An elegant and highly functional design, which allows for efficient water drainage off the tray. It also comes with a subtly designed grid in stainless steel and a frame around the tray.





A minimalist design tray with a hidden grid.





A clean and continuous shower tray design with a central grid for quick water drainage.




The Mineral Stone Series: a tray for every type of bathroom

The revolution in shower trays with elegant designs, high lightness and reduced thickness. Its main feature is that it allows for the cut-to-size option, which allows the design to adapt to each type of bathroom. Regarding its finish, it is an exquisite slate finish that is also in grey, white and black.




As in the case of the Light Stone Series, the Mineral Stone series is non-slip, pleasant to touch and it offers antibacterial properties. As well as that, other important features are: its high hardness, durability, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Mineral Stone also offers two versions from the same tray: Slate and Frame Slate and 'Finished Design'. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to reproduce the shower trays on the Porcelanosa and Venis ceramic surfaces. A perfect association in which all the benefits from the Mineral Stone series are preserved with the elegance of the PORCELANOSA Grupo finishes.




The Mineral Stone Plus Series: Premium finishes for the shower tray

The never seen before shower tray design. Exclusive textures for bathrooms which want to be seen as being unique. The Concrete model from the Mineral Stone Plus Series guarantees, besides having an exclusive textured design inspired by natural finishes, complete product customisation.




In addition to its high lightness and reduced thickness, the Mineral Stone Plus Series is pleasant to touch and non-slip. It offers hygienic and antibacterial properties, easy cleaning and low maintenance. Its standout feature is its hardness on surfaces like the Premium finishes, but above all, the possibility of opting for a design that is cut-to-size which meets every need and bathroom style.

Available in white, cappuccino and grey.


Discover this and other bathroom innovations from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms in the new showroom until January 25.


You can also download the new catalogue which is full of more news and innovations, right HERE.