The ideal basin: How to achieve an ideal basin for every type of bathroom

Category: Products
Date: 08 jun 2016

The bathroom is the room in a house where functionality is a must, since it plays a very important role in your day-to-day life. This is the reason why both space efficiency and its use become essential getting perfection in your bathroom, and what is more, in making the right choice regarding the basin, and this is one of the key points in achieving that perfection.

Nevertheless, each home or family have different lifestyles and routines from each other, hence, the most important point is to get the bathroom to adapt itself to those routines. Thus, there is not an ideal basin, only an ideal basin for each home.

With the aim of combining both aesthetics and functionality, Noken, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s bathroom equipment firm, offers various collections which include different basin designs, which help you cover the needs of your perfect bathroom.

Space utilisation: Spacious effect in small bathrooms

Regardless of the sizes of your bathrooms, the spacious effect is vital for ensuring cosiness and comfort, thus, making space utilisation a must in small bathrooms.

The wall hung basin, like the Mood collection by Noken, turns out to be a very useful resource, since it provides the room with the spacious effect.

Nevertheless, the absence of storage space is not only an issue for the daily use of the bathroom, but it also stops you from keeping all your things neat and tidy, which may result in negativity regarding the spacious effect. Hence, the basins from the Chelsea collection offer the advantage of integrating a piece of furniture which is hardly visible, and one that helps to sort out the storage issue.

With regard to houses where a higher storage space is needed, the use of cabinets may be crucial. They are a kind of bathroom furniture based on modular structures with built-in mirrors  which blend into the design in total harmony.

One of the other options may be the use of furniture on both sides of the basin, since they can be a good help in creating plenty of extra space, but without compromising the style in the bathroom.

Double basin Installation: comfort in large bathrooms

Regarding bathrooms with spacious dimensions, including two basins in the bathroom is a very practical idea that allows more people to use it at the same time. This would solve one of the most common problems in all families, the one of waiting for one’s turn in the bathroom in the morning.

Any type of basin can be adapted to a double sink installation, the only essential requirement is to be sure that there is enough space, together with opting for the design that best suits your style.

Use of materials

The use of materials is also an essential decision for the basins quality and practicality. Noken uses high performance sanitary porcelain in all its designs because it has shown itself to be an excellent material for the manufacturing of medical devices.

This material achieves a higher resistance regarding bathroom equipment, thus, enlarging its service life. As well as that, its touch is flat and smooth, and it maintenance is both easy and hygienic.

Practicality for cleaning

If there is a quality that should characterize a bathroom, then it is hygiene. Cleaning the bathroom is an essential daily routine in relation to its proper maintenance. For this reason, making your bathroom equipment easy to clean will save you a lot of time every day.

Generally, wall hung basins make cleaning the floor easier, as well as the use of the basins themselves. They provide some depth which reduce splashes, and furthermore, it takes the problem with water marks on the mirror away.