The Cape, by Thompson Hotels. Avant-garde, classicism and contemporaneity.

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 17 ago 2016

Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The project: The Thompson Hotels chain offers an outstanding boutique hotel, which gives you the opportunity of exploring the Cabo San Lucas on the Mexican coast. Accommodation that is both fresh and lively; an exceptional place of comfort thatoverlooks the sea on the cape perimeter, where the hotel guest can enjoy a spectacular view of the El Arco and la Bahía de San Lucas from any of the idyllic rooms.

Interwoven in a natural landscape, The Cape is a place to appreciate from morning to night. Neat contemporary lines converge with the relaxing and peaceful aesthetics of south California in the sixties. All of that is possible thanks to a magnificent architectural project headed up by Javier Sánchez, and to the interior design carried out by Marisabel Gómez Vázquez, both have achieved the joining together of both modernity and luxury in the essence of the place.

An objective,in which the materials that the bathrooms have been fitted with are the main attraction, in other words, the ones by Noken. In the bathrooms design the key has been to integrate the Mexican architecture style with the highest performance and comfort that luxury housing with extensive spaces like The Cape requires.

In particular, the Future taps collection has been the choice, whose design provides the bathroom with an avant-garde touch reproducing classicism and adapting it to contemporaneity. Pieces with high quality standards and high resistance, pure-shaped and timeless cross-shaped handles.

Therefore, the Future monoblock bathroom taps installed in freestanding bathtubs, together with the teleshower from the same series ensure relaxation and are integrated into the room decoration in a gentle elegant way thanks to the shapes with their own personality.