The 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition: Arquitect Square bathtub, comfort and structural design

Category: News
Date: 01 feb 2018

We continue our focus on some of the latest designs which Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms has presented at the 25th International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition.

We make a stop to highlight an item which has been designed to create unique experiences in the bathroom. The Arquitect Square freestanding bathtub pays tribute to architecture through a structural line which perfectly suits different body types, while providing the room with lightness and order.

As unique a bathtub as the Arquitect Square is, it could convey harmony and calmness without compromising exclusivity and sophistication in the design. Its rounded edges make it a practical element for its use to provide the user with comfort under a design and material which ensure a high degree of well-being.

Through a 90cmx180cm format, the Arquitect Square freestanding bathtub is available in two finishes: gloss and soft, which between them, maintain all the acrylic’s properties. The gloss finish offers a brighter gleaming aesthetics, whereas the soft finish shows a matt polish where the purity of the material plays a major role. As well as that, a soft delicate touch is provided in both cases.

If one focuses on its lines, firstly, its profile curvature stands out because of its angular protruding finishes. Secondly, with having a view of the bathtub from the upper part, one can notice that the combination of thicknesses is quite remarkable, since one of its walls has significant width. An irregularity designed for everyday personal care products to be placed on.

The purity of minimalism follows the line of the decorative trends in bathrooms. Thus, the Arquitect Square freestanding bathtub becomes one of the key items at the 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition. This coming season, the Interior design and Architecture sector not only banks on clean formats and pure angles, but also on intuitive structures which cover the user’s real needs. We are dealing with items which enhance the minimal trend to the max.