Summer time: a bathroom full of refreshing experiences

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 05 jul 2017

Summer is here, along with the long-awaited holidays, too. There are lots of people who opt for getting away from life’s daily chores in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday, free of stress at the seaside or in the mountains. Feeling fresh, relaxation and harmony, are some of the feelings that a holiday house must have. This is the reason why its inside must be designed and arranged with that purpose fully in mind.

One of the spaces that has become more and more important is the bathroom, since it is considered as being the most important place for feeling relaxed in a summer house. If we have practical functional bathroom equipment, as well as a well-lit space and a design blended into the landscape, we can achieve an authentic wellness shrine.  

White and natural inspiration in the bathroom

In order to create a bathroom which inspires incomparable shower sensations, it is essential to bank on neutral colours, specifically white, since it provides the bathroom with tranquillity, cleanliness and harmony.

White, apart from conveying a feeling of spaciousness and brightness, turns the landscape into  the main attraction, which can be seen through the window or glass panel. It is a very widely used resource in summer houses, since it conveys a great deal of peace and quiet, mainly because of the feeling of being right in heart of nature. Therefore, the relaxing effects of the daily shower are enhanced. 

Natural lighting provides the atmosphere with good vibes

The lighting plays a major role in bathroom decoration, since on one hand, natural light creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and coolness, whereas on the other hand, artificial light is crucial for everyday care and hygiene tasks. Therefore, the ideal pairing is to include large windows which fill the space with natural light, and also to bank on light fixtures or built-in light mirrors, both options being available in the Forma collection. 

Opting for practical functional bathroom equipment

The collections from Noken, the specialised firm in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, bank on a cutting-edge design of pure elegant lines to provide the bathroom with tidiness and harmony, through the taps, the sanitaryware and the basins.

With regard to styles, when a minimal sophisticated point is sought after, the Forma collection with its simple shades and soft lines reduced to the bare essentials, achieves in conveying beauty which perfectly suits the claim that, “less is more”.

When we want to succeed in having a cutting-edge bathroom, even with a futuristic view, the Mood collection banks on curvilinear lines and ground-breaking simplicity in the design.

Shower heads in the shower: a cascade in your bathroom

Last but not least, one of the items which mostly enriches the bathroom experience is the shower head, which in this case, is inspired by natural waterfalls and also offers different effects such as rain or cascade, and this is exactly what we can expect to experience with the NK Logic extra-flat shower heads.

In conclusion, a set of items and designs thoughtfully chosen to ensure a holiday where the everyday shower becomes a moment we enjoy, where one’s personal care and complete relaxation come before everything else.