Storage ideas for small bathrooms

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 30 mar 2021

The revolutionary "detox" tidying process becomes even more vital in small bathrooms. We give you several ideas for storage in small bathrooms that will make your life easier.

Order and tidiness in the bathroom is even more important for small bathrooms, because the lack of space means your bits and pieces can pile up and become inaccessible. This sensation of chaos prevents our enjoyment of the long-awaited moment of calm that the bathroom should bring. 

In this post we told you how to organise your bathroom to simplify your life, and we now give you storage solutions and ideas for small bathrooms.

We recommend the use of large-capacity but compact furniture, or multifunctional elements such as cabinets with concealed storage behind the mirror. Furthermore, the use of spaces such as walls will be key to improving harmony. Placing shelves on walls or hangers, bars or rails on the door, and even decorative accessories such as baskets will help to make the most of the few centimetres available.


Furniture with large storage capacity 

It may seem that wall-hung units are an option that fail to take advantage of the space. However, if we have large-capacity furniture and countertop basins, this type of unit is the perfect choice, because we will be able to use all its storage space and, by leaving a free area underneath, we will visually broaden the space, making the room look bigger.. 


Essence-C units

Shelves for small bathrooms

Bathroom shelves optimise time by improving accessibility to everyday items. Plus, we have solutions that maximise practicality in small bathrooms, such as shelves on which you can also hang towels, combining the bathroom shelf and hanger in a single product.

This is the case for Essence-C accessories, available in several finishes, measurements and formats to adapt to the space of each bathroom, making the most of every centimetre for our convenience.


Essence C shelf with towel rail



Small Essence C shelf


Essence C accessories


Take advantage of the walls

The design of tailor-made solutions will make the space available in your bathroom fit your needs. With this proposal, the wall panelling conceals valuable storage space, enhancing visual cleanliness. Everything within your reach. Nothing in sight.



Mirrors and cabinets for small bathrooms 

Smart Cabinets: the smart option

One of the most intelligent options is the Smart Cabinets, mirrors with an integrated concealed storage system that perform two functions at once. The Nature collection proposes a concealed cabinet on the side of the mirror that increases the storage capacity of the unit and provides greater cleanliness and visual amplitude. 


Washbasins for small bathrooms

In small bathrooms, opt for countertop washbasins that do not take up storage space.