The single lever shower mixer versus the thermostatic taps: the advantages and disadvantages

Category: Remodeling
Date: 20 jun 2018
  • Nous résolvons un dilemme majeur au moment d’entreprendre des travaux : opter pour un mitigeur de douche monocommande ou au contraire, pour un mitigeur thermostatique ?
  • Chez Noken, nous proposons les deux versions, pour que vous puissiez choisir le design idéal pour votre salle de bains après avoir dressé la liste des avantages et des inconvénients de chacune.


When carrying out a refurbishment or fitting a shower, it is possible that doubts arise regarding which is the best equipment choice. For this, the user must consider aspects such as comfort, the technology they want to have, as well as one of the most important features in most homes: the economic aspect.

For the shower, one of the decisions that causes many to have doubts is the bathroom taps selection, since there are different options which are influenced by the previous aspects.

The single lever shower mixer versus the thermostatic taps, which is better for my shower? From Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, we want to show the advantages and disadvantages of both, as well as offering different models that are suitable for modern bathrooms with the quality and cutting-edge design that characterises the PORCELANOSA Grupo.


The thermostatic shower taps: what they are and what advantages they have

The thermostatic shower tap is a mixer that allows for the sought-after temperature to be selected, which remains constant, even when other taps are opened in the same house. How it works is simple, since only the sought-after temperature has to be selected with the handle, and in no time, the thermostatic cold and hot water cartridge are automatically mixed, reaching the selected temperature very quickly.

Thermostatic shower tap advantages

Among the thermostatic shower taps advantages, we can see:

1. Temperature stability. This greatly determines the user's comfort, since it is nice to be able to reach the sought-after temperature from the beginning, as well as that temperature remaining unchanged throughout the use of the shower without having to be constantly regulating it.

2. Energy and water saving. Noken cartridges are designed to reach the desired temperature quickly and constantly. In this way, unnecessary water waste is avoided by reducing the reaction time and possible changes in temperature during the shower. Also, some of Noken's thermostatic taps incorporate an ECO STOP button, whose function is to limit the maximum consumption flow, thus avoiding excessive water consumption.

3. Safety. Bathroom safety is crucial for Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Therefore, Noken's thermostatic taps include the SAFE STOP function, which blocks water at 38ºC to guarantee safety, especially for children. This system also cuts off the supply of hot water in case of an interruption to the cold water supply, therefore avoiding the risk of getting burned.



The single lever shower mixer: what it is and what advantages it has

The Single lever shower mixer is the most recognized mixer whose flow and water temperature are selected by pressing the handle to the left and right, front and back. Among its advantages with regard to the thermostatic shower taps, there are cheaper taps. In addition, the maintenance of conventional ceramic disc cartridges is much less continuous than thermostatic taps. In contrast, the comfort in the shower is much lower, hardly allowing for customisation, without forgetting about the greater use of water.



Undoubtedly, two different options which are equally suitable for the shower, according to the specifications of each user and bathroom. Discover the designs by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms in the single lever shower mixer and thermostatic taps and adapt your shower to your daily life.


Touch&Feel Thermostatic Tap


How does thermostatic taps work? 


They are provided with two remote controls, one used to adjust the flow rate easily and intuitively, and the other one for selecting the desired temperature manually.

One of the other features of these types of taps is their revitalising function. Regarding the concealed thermostatic taps with several water outlets, these ones can be combined with side jets which give the body the refreshing whirlpool treatment, or shower heads with several functions and waterfalls, such as: cascade, rain, jet or nebulizer. Therefore, people can enjoy completely different experiences and a shower focused on sensations.