Oxo: IF Design Award 2020

Category: News
Date: 10 feb 2020
  • The Oxo taps from Noken have picked an award up at the IF Design Awards 2020 in the Products section and Bathrooms category.

The award recognises excellence in the Oxo design, having been chosen from among 7.300 candidates from some 56 countries by a jury of 78 independent experts in design.

The Oxo tap series has won an award at the famous IF Design Awards 2020, a worldwide institution which recognises excellence in design, and as well as that, it has been an icon of magnificent achievements in design for 67 years. A distinction to the seal of excellence in design being a part of the Bathroom Products category.




Oxo is included in the Signature Collection, the Premium collection designed exclusively by Noken from Porcelanosa Grupo, along with the company’s excellence seal. Its futuristic aesthetic full of energy finds its inspiration in the aerodynamic design. Thought up as sculptural pieces which enhance sustainability, the taps come with avant-garde metallic finishes which have been designed in detail to enhance ecological awareness, since water consumption is limited by up to a maximum of 5L per minute. As well as that, they have been provided with the cold-opening system, temperature control that helps to save energy.  We are dealing with a WaterForest design, in other words, the eco-awareness concept developed by the company.   

On this occasion, a team of 78 independent experts in design have chosen the award-winning designs as the best ones at the IF Design Awards. An award which has been given to Oxo as a tribute to the high quality of its design, standing out among the 7.300 designs from some 56 countries.   

The awards ceremony will be held in Berlin on May 4th, 2020 at the iconic Friedrichstadt-Palast. The winners’ designs will be also showcased in Café Moskau (Berlin) from May 2nd to 10th, 2020.




About the award, here.