Outdoor bathrooms. A bathroom under the stars

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Date: 10 jun 2021

Homes are opening up to the exterior and bathrooms are not being left behind. Noken in the Porcelanosa Group takes its bathroom fittings outdoors.

High strength wellness equipment to enjoy the power of water under the sky.

With the arrival of good weather we can take advantage of terraces and patios to enjoy being outdoors. Homes and hotels are increasingly following this trend, opening up to the exterior, and bathrooms too are enjoying a breath of fresh air.

Make the most of this option with our outdoor range with wellness solutions, using strong, durable materials. The components of these models are specially designed to be installed outdoors and not to be affected by weather conditions.

Outdoor bathtubs allow you to enjoy moments of pure disconnection with maximum privacy, offering a luxurious wellness experience, reducing your tension and creating that much-needed relaxing atmosphere. Nature and fresh air combine with the design and applied technology of Noken's outdoor bathtubs to recharge your energy.

This space is designed to take care of you, a wellness area where you can feel free from stress. Then add the piece of mind afforded by the excellent quality and finishes of the outdoor bathtubs in our OUTSIDE collection with their long useful lives which you can make use of all year round. You deserve it.  

OUTSIDE collection

Noken is revolutionising Wellness spaces by taking its hydromassage baths outdoors in the new OUTSIDE collection. Bathtubs with the firm's equipment can be installed in a completely new space, allowing you to enjoy relaxing moments under the sky.


Soleil Square outdoor bathtub + Round Inox fixtures for outdoor bathtubs (AISI 316). Round Inox shower column + Slate shower tray.

The designs incorporate intuitive systems for selecting and using different hydromassage functions and therapies. Easy-to-use digital keypads make using the system simple and pleasurable.

Outside bathtubs are available in the Soleil Round and Soleil Square models. The Air system uses the movement of water to create a gentle, relaxing sensation. Techniques to revitalise the body and mind, and to combat stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Maximising the pleasure of hydrotherapy. The power of water under the sky.


Soleil Square outdoor bathtub + Round Inox fixtures for outdoor bathtubs (AISI 316).


Soleil Round outdoor bathtub + Round Inox shower column (AISI 316).

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Bañeras de exterior by Noken

Bañeras de exterior by Noken   

Advice for the maintenance of outdoor bathtubs: always ready to go.

It is essential to properly maintain outdoor bathtubs, so as to extend their useful life as much as possible and enjoy all the features available to you in Noken's collections:

  • Shower before each use: This ensures optimum water quality during your bath, and therefore maximum hygiene as the water is free of dirt and bacteria. This also helps keep the filters and pipes of the hydromassage technology clean, which keeps them in good condition for longer.
  • Changing and using the water: This is, without a doubt, fundamental for the maintenance of outdoor bathtubs. Unless products such as essential oils or relaxing bubble baths have been used, the water can sometimes be reused (having first checked on its colour or condition).For outdoor hydromassage bathtubs, at least, the water must be changed every two to three months. This may vary depending on the personal use and requirements of each individual and its maintenance with disinfection products on a regular basis. 
  • Looking after the pipes: To properly maintain the pipes, they must be fully purged before emptying, as mould or other organisms could get stuck within the pipework. 
  • Cleaning outdoor hydromassage bathtubs: It is important to use products such as baking soda, which can remove any viscous stains due to damp and mould. Once the areas have been cleaned and rinsed, we recommend drying them with a clean cloth to completely remove any residue of cleaning products.
  • Never expose an empty hydromassage bath to solar radiation, as it can be damaging. Therefore, we recommend covering it if it will not be used or employing a special shelter for the bathtub to protect it.


FAQs on outdoor bathtubs: What should you take into account?

What are the requirements for installing an outdoor bathtub?

Firstly, the placement of an outdoor bathtub requires a suitable and resistant structure, which can handle both the weight of the tub (here we must also consider the weight of the water as one cubic meter of water weighs approximately one tonne), as well as the humidity and any possible leaks that may occur. Aside from being secure in both safety and architectural terms, the flooring must be suitable for purpose (waterproof, non-slip, etc.).

Do I need a platform for an outdoor bathroom?

Not necessarily, but it is important that the surface is straight and level in order to correctly install the outdoor bathtub. As previously mentioned, the flooring must be suitable for purpose within an outdoor bathroom and for contact with water.

What size do I choose for my outdoor bathtub?

The first thing to consider before selecting your outdoor hydromassage tub is the space that you have available which complies with the specifications detailed in the previous paragraphs. Now we can think about what we are looking for in the bathtub according to personal needs. We could choose the desired shape, whether curved like the Soleil Round or square like the Soleil Square lines, and the size which best fits our space from Noken's Outdoor collection.

New Round INOX outdoor shower column. Environmentally-friendly cutting-edge design

The new Round Inox shower column is a floor-standing column with a pure, minimalist design. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, it has withstood a 1,000-hour test in a saline chamber, and is totally suitable for outdoor use.

With a flow rate of 7.31 litres/min, rationalising the consumption of water in the shower, it combines durability with environmental advantages.


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