Noken in... The Legend Paris Hotel. Functionality and french elegance in bathroom equipment

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 24 may 2017

Location: Paris, France.

The project:

Very close to the Saint Germain de Prés Quarter, in the rue de Rennes in the magical city of Paris, living legends and legendary nights take place. We are referring to the Legend Paris boutique hotel, a place with a unique style which is intended to create intense emotions.

The Legend Hotel belongs to the Elegancia Hotels chain, a mysterious,and restrained and at the same time very chic atmosphereawaits. The design of every single corner reproduces dreamlike relaxing universes which embrace the hotel guests in order to make them get away from their daily workload and the stresses of the outside world. Behind the impressive glass doors in the hall, one can find a starry pavilion which has been decorated with some jewellery designed by Valérie Boy,which iscrowned by magical lanterns.

The real experience takes place inside the 34 hotel rooms, where French elegance has been further simplified in bathroom equipment by means of a complete functional and comfortable design where the Noken brand gives solutions.

The people in charge of the interior design in this hotel are the ones who have opted for the bathroom taps and the sanitary wares by the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm specialised in bathrooms. With regard to the hotel basins, the deck-mounted single lever basin mixer from the Acro N series has been the choice. It has its distinctly square shapes and a pure minimalist design, and also the advantage of being fitted with a hidden aerator, which makes cleaning easier, something to bear in mind with thesekind of facilities which require special hygiene and maintenance.

This advantage is also evident in the shower and bathtubs taps, both deck mounted and from the same collection, and furthermore, they are complemented with the teleshower from the Minimal series and the Neptune Slim extra-slim shower heads in a square and round design.

With regard to sanitary wares, the hotel is fitted with the Urban pans, a versatile collection with a wide range of options and possibilities regarding its installation in different bathroom spaces.