The room by Olivier Lapidus for Equip’Hotel 2014

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 18 mar 2015

Noken bathroom fittings were present at the latest edition of the Equip’Hotel trade fair, used by designer Olivier Lapidus in one of the spaces designed for the Room Studio event, where prestigious professionals as well as young talent in architecture and interior design create their ideal hotel room.

In this new creation, made in collaboration with the luxury hotel chain Elegancia Hotels, Lapidus presents his suite as an elegant space with a nocturnal atmosphere, bathed with a most suggestive dim lighting. This atmosphere invites the guest to relax and enjoy the comforts of the room and bathroom, fully fitted with elements from the Soft and Lounge series by Noken, as well as other materials from the firms of the PORCELANOSA Group.

Among the Noken materials used in the bathroom of the designer’s ideal suite, we find Lounge washbasin taps, designed by Simone Micheli. This element has a minimalist aesthetic, characterised by an avant-garde yet subtle appearance in line with the refined characteristics of Italian design.

Olivier Lapidus has also used the suspended toilets of the Soft collection, defined by a pure geometry which perfectly fits in with the straight lines of the rest of the elements such as the bathtub and washbasins. The combination of the different elements shapes a bold, modern bathroom, in harmony with the urban luxury which is found in all work by Lapidus, and which emanates from each one of his projects.

The French designer has previously used Noken materials in the design and decoration of the Hotel Félicien en París (belonging to Elegancia Hotels), which was his first project as an interior designer. In this project, Lapidus used bathroom taps, toilets, rain effect shower heads and radiators by Noken for the bathrooms of the rooms of this exclusive Paris hotel.