Noken at the Fundación ONCE Intelligent House: seeking a 100% accessible sustainable bathroom

Category: News
Date: 16 nov 2016

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, takes a step forward regarding its commitment to sustainability. However, it carries this out by joining the concept of sustainability with accessibility, by means of its involvement in the Intelligent Accessible Sustainable house from the Fundación ONCE and the  Royal Board on Disability.

It is a very interesting social awareness project which proves that accessibility at home turns out to be positive for everyone, and what is more, it does not compromise elegance and good taste regarding interior design. For that very purpose, an avant-garde sustainable and equally accessible house has been set up with the collaboration of leading decoration and interior design firms.

So, Noken takes part in this initiative by means of the setting up of an advanced state-of-the-art bathroom design which is sustainable and 100% accessible for disabled people. For that purpose, the firm offers some outstanding series from its equipment range, such as: MOOD and its technological electronic taps; or NK Concept and its electronic toilet seat.

By means of the MOOD taps, Noken Design guarantees wash programmes, flow and temperature control, thus, helping disabled to enjoy a simple but pleasant experience in the bathroom. Likewise, the NK Concept electronic toilet seat is provided with multiple functions for the toilet, hence, the important space which the bathroom most certainly is, becomes so much easier in relation to everyday use.

Fundación ONCE Intelligent House: the project

Before setting up this project, the Fundación ONCE signed a collaboration agreement with the Royal Board on Disability in order to make the society aware of the building possibilities and furniture in the house of the future, in other words, an intelligent, accessible and sustainable house, and furthermore, to offer both technical and technological solutions for accessibility issues.

The house, with an area of 100 square metres approximately, is provided with a lounge, a kitchen/dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a hall, and all of them are very much in line with the comfort, security, accessibility and user-friendly standards.

As well as Noken, other important firms such as Ilunion or Samsung have taken part in the Intelligent House by the Fundación ONCE, by means of its innovations regarding beacons which make life for visually-disabled people easier, such as Smart TV, without forgetting other advances by other companies, such as, the body dryer, the kitchen with adjustable worktops or the storage-monitoring cupboard, among others.

This Sustainable Accessible Intelligent House turns out to be a travelling exhibition, scheduled to cover different parts of Spain. Its target audiences are: professionals in construction, urban planning, interior design and home automation, as well as industrial design college students, public administrations and associations of people with disabilities, who can find the ideal solution for both current and future accessibility issues in this house.