The Botanique Hotel & Spa. Bathrooms with classic charm in the Mantiqueira mountains

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 08 ene 2016

We dive into the heart of the Brazilian region of Sao Paulo to be seduced by the charm of a relaxing and avant-garde resort: the Botanique Hotel & Spa. It is necessary to get into the richness and luxuriance of the Mantiqueira mountains in order to be able to visit it. There, three rich river valleys as well as stunning and picturesque mountains and hills can be found, all filled with lush forests from the Atlantic Forest.

It is for this privilege settlement of peace and tranquility that the Botanique Hotel & Spa is capable of fulfilling the promise of offering absolute relaxation to its customers, besides involving and blending with nature, they enjoy the luxury and technology of its rooms and suites; spa areas and sports facilities. 12 kilometres away from the resort city of Campos do Jordao, which is 1200 meters above the sea level and at the heart of Bairro dos Mellos. An atmosphere of exclusivity that perfectly combines modern luxuries with the tradition of living the relaxing and unique experience of a country shelter.

And within those unique moments of relaxation, calm and rest emerge PORCELANOSA Grupo and Noken, its bathroom equipment firm, which brings its elegance and quality when setting up and carrying out the most exclusive bathroom design. Noken offers, for instance, the classic romantic vintage style of its freestanding bathtubs, the Antic bathtubs, which introduce the guest to an interior trend that mixes tradition and modernity. For its freestanding design and in an oval format, the Antic bathtubs surprise and excite, helping you to get unique experiences in the bathroom.

Besides the bathrooms, It should be noted the exquisite interior style by which the Botanique Hotel & Spa has been designed. Combining materials such as stone, glass and wood, even with the conservation of old recovered beams, the resort offers a warm and highly comfortable stay, allowing the visitor to visually merge with nature.

Besides a luxurious room and total rest, noise insulation, this resort offers beauty treatments and therapy, isotonic indoor pool, sauna and massage and even a floating camera with projections of underwater images and sounds. A stay that will undoubtedly be vibrant and unforgettable.