Close House Hotel, Newcastle (United Kingdom)

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 25 mar 2015

Located in an 18th century building, owned by businessman Graham Wyllie, the Close House hotel has its own golf course, chosen every year to hold tournaments and championships in the north east of the United Kingdom.

One of the most characteristic hallmarks of this idyllic enclave for golf lovers is its large patio, a structure which reflects the architectural characteristics of the buildings of the illustrious period. For this reason, those in charge of the project have transformed the former stables of the construction into luxury bedrooms equipped with materials which combine a modern design with the best quality, thus expanding the hotel’s capacity.

The Close House hotel wanted to use modern craftspeople and suppliers for the full remodelling of the building, among them being the Scotswood Road branch of PORCELANOSA in Newcastle, which supplied the necessary elements for the fittings of the 0 bathrooms of the 12 Courtyard suites, including some of Noken’s products. The new rooms are located around the Colt patio, named in honour of golf course architect Harry Colt.

In order to achieve a result which was attractive but at the same time functional, with everything necessary to allow relaxation after a full day of golf, maintaining the subdued, elegant style worthy of a hundred year old construction, thanks to the diversity of the design of the materials from the firms of PORCELANOSA Group.

To fit the 12 bathrooms with a very similar design, those in charge of the Project chose a freestanding Noken bathtub with taps from the Irta collection fitted to the floor, giving a stately air to the room. Furthermore, for the guests’ greater comfort, the bathrooms also have showers equipped with Irta thermostatic taps and Neptune showerheads, a minimalist and modern design option, which allows guests to relax after their days and enjoy the revitalising rain effect of this range of geometrically designed showerheads by Noken.

In the toilet area of some of the suites, the suggestive forms of the Clip Oval washbasin has been chosen, combined with the stylised Irta high spout taps; meanwhile in other rooms a more angular design with the squared lines of the XL Lake washbasin has been chosen, installed with Acro-n washbasin taps, to achieve a more modern result.

The bathroom fittings of the Colt Courtyard rooms are completed with the subtle and cosmopolitan aesthetic of Urban toilets, as well as Sky radiators in a Chrome finish and accessories from the Hotels collection.