NK ECOLOGY a programme designed to make sustainable buildings

Category: Products
Date: 19 oct 2017

As a company specializing in bathroom equipment, here in Noken we have a crucial role to play in achieving a responsible consumption of water. Therefore, all our products guarantee an economic and ecological use of this valuable material.

Products that help to obtain the LEED or BREEAM certifications

To reduce the negative effects of building, and the use and maintenance of buildings, we created NK ECOLOGY, a programme aimed at creating structures that comply with two of the most important regulations in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency: The LEED and BREEAM certifications.


In the NK ECOLOGY dossier, the necessary requirements for obtaining these certifications can be found in detail, as well as the most recommended Noken products in relation to obtaining them. One of the LEED certification clauses, on the one hand, is to get 10 points in water use efficiency in buildings, with 6 of those points being related to indoor water. Points that can be obtained with bathroom taps, shower heads and sanitaryware by Noken, which have low levels of water consumption.

Furthermore, in the total score in relation to achieving the BREEAM certification, water consumption can reach 10.5% of the total. A use that can be achieved with taps with flow limiters, double flushing toilets, sanitaryware and reduced consumption showers from the firm.

The sustainable commitment by Noken extends from the start of the first final draft to its use, since the early planning of the product development process allows for ensuring the best material selection, along with achieving a high level of efficiency in the resources.