How to remodel a bathroom efficiently and sustainably

Category: Remodeling
Date: 05 ene 2021

If you are thinking about remodelling your bathroom, don't just think about updating the style, but also about sustainability. Design is the first step to achieving both objectives and here we give you the key guidelines to follow.

Efficient and sustainable solutions for the bathroom are a high value proposition. The benefits of sustainability are clear. In addition to using materials that have a low impact on the environment, there are also cost savings to consider. These savings can be significant in the case of businesses like hotels. 

Today, the challenge and demand associated with remodelling projects involves making them both functional and sustainable. Water and energy savings, as well as the use of renewable energies in the home or recycled or natural materials has led to new alternatives in bathroom design that entail not jeopardising the use of resources in the future.

Achieving sustainable bathrooms starts with design, which is why we offer solutions that allow for efficient and intelligent refurbishments. The WaterForest eco-conscious concept is our commitment to responsibility and to creating effortless eco-friendly bathrooms, where technology is simplified and becomes a way to improve energy efficiency.


  • Take advantage of natural light

If the bathroom has no exterior window, you can make the most of the natural light from the adjoining rooms through semi-transparent openings at the top of the wall or by replacing the door panels with translucent glass.


  • Install LED lights

Create a good bathroom lighting design with different light sources that adapt to each use. Only use the necessary lights and install LEDs, which save up to 80% of energy.



Tono mirror with LED lighting


  • Plan for good thermal insulation in walls and floors

It is advisable to insulate the walls and replace old windows with efficient double glazing. You will enhance your comfort and energy savings.


  • If are remodelling an old home, think about if there is something you can restore and reinstall, and don't throw it away


  • Use taps that save water with flow limiters, aerators, sensors and cold start systems. At Noken, we have the ECO WaterForest aerators and cold start systems for taps, which help to control energy costs and the amount of carbon dioxide heaters and boilers emit when water is heated, as well as Air Eco technology for rain showers and handshowers. These solutions allow you to save up to 89% of water.  



Round taps with cold start feature and a flow rate of 5 litres/min, compatible with the ECO aerator up to 2 litres/min. 


Oxo taps is an ECO design that limits water consumption to a maximum of 5l/min and has a cold start system.


  • Opt for ECO dual flush toilets

The 6-3 litre dual flush makes it possible to save up to 47% of water, and up to 56% with the 4.5-3 litre dual flush.


  • Install a shower instead of a bathtub

A 5-minute shower with WaterForest products makes it possible to save up to 88% of water compared to taking a bath.


  • Opt for materials with a low environmental impact or that have been recycled, which do not emit toxic or volatile organic compounds. This reduced impact must apply to the production, use and transport, as well as to the future recycling of the materials.


FINISH-STUDIO_plato de ducha SLATE

Slate shower trays incorporate the use of ECO-Stone technology with recycled materials (60% recycled white marble, 30% eco-resin and 10% mineral perlite) and allow us to reduce the tons of waste that end up in the oceans and seas.


  • Choose durable, high-quality materials, as well as easy to maintain antibacterial materials that require the use of less water and fewer chemicals for cleaning.



The Project Tech countertops and the Architect or Lounge Blue Night units incorporate antibacterial and anti-fingerprint technology, with a surface that allows scratches to be repaired by applying heat to the damaged area.