How to clean a bathroom

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 09 sep 2019

Proper cleaning in the bathroom will ensure safety in the spaces, as well as helping to keep the equipment in good condition for longer, avoiding premature deterioration.

One of the main challenges in the design of wet spaces, especially in bathrooms, is to achieve maximum hygiene and safety for people, a point which gains more importance when we are dealing with high-traffic spaces.  

Counting on materials that require easy maintenance, which offer us high health standards, will be crucial for bathroom safety.  

In addition to this, proper cleaning of the bathroom will help to keep the equipment in good condition for longer, thus preventing premature deterioration  


Tips for cleaning the bathroom

The first step before beginning with bathroom cleaning is to know the materials with which the equipment has been manufactured. The most widespread material in bathroom equipment is sanitary ceramic. State-of-the-art materials such as the shower trays with minerals or other resins are becoming more frequent. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the specific tips for certain materials.  

In general terms, strong chemicals should be avoided, since they can contain harmful and irritant substances which can affect our health, as well as those substances which can cause an allergy which become dangerous if used improperly. As a rule, use proper ventilation during the cleaning, avoid mixing different products to prevent harmful reactions, and also keep the products closed tightly and in a safe place when not in use.  

Choose non-aggressive products which comply with legal regulations regarding safety and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and conservation.  

As an alternative, we find more respectful substances that also offer effective results: the use of water and neutral soap; even lemon juice for its anti-limescale action.   

To make maintenance better and to prevent limescale and mineral build-up, rinsing off water and soap from the equipment afterwards is recommended.


The bathroom equipment design: in line with cleaning and maintenance

The design of the equipment itself can be the perfect partner in the process and preservation of cleaning. Having practicality and aesthetic maintenance as the highest priority, we develop products and solutions that provide maximum hygiene and cleaning.    


1. Rimless NK-Clean toilets

The Rimless NK-Clean technology ensures an effective cleaning of the toilet, since it has the rim removed in its design, which allows for water to move powerfully around the inside of the bowl, covering everything 360º which sees every single part reached, guaranteeing the very best in hygiene.  


2. Removable Take-off toilet lids

Take-Off is a removable seat system whose hinges allow for the seats to be undone by pulling gently with one hand. Having the seat removed makes hygiene reach every single part of the toilet, in an easy and simple way. Comfort and easy cleaning.


3. More hygienic shower trays: Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series

The new Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower tray  collections have been designed for safety. Anti-slip, with anti-bacterial protection, thermal and chemical resistance, reparability, high hardness and easy cleaning and low maintenance.  


4. Bathroom furniture and ceramic countertops

The development in the materials with which countertops and bathroom furniture are manufactured, gear us towards practicality and an almost zero maintenance.  

The Tile collection brings the aesthetics of the stone and the technical advantages of ceramics together. All of this in a 6mm-thick porcelain tile which covers the furniture structure. Furthermore, the Oxo countertops are coated with XTONE, the advanced sintered compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo.







5. Project Tech reparable bathroom countertops: the all-purpose countertops with anti-scratch technology

Project Tech counts on a unique technology which allows for surface scratches to be repaired by applying heat on the damaged area. Both the high quality and technology define this new series, which is capable of self-regeneration, and, as well as that, it is ideal for the bathroom because of its anti-bacterial properties.



6. Noken Ceramic sanitary ceramics. High range ceramic.

Noken Ceramic is an ultra-compact ceramics which guarantees high resistance thanks to its firing at 1250º.