Hotel bathroom design creates stories

Category: Hotels, Bathroom trends
Date: 11 mar 2020

Behind every type of trip and guest hides a story and type of hotel experience. At Noken, our hotel bathroom design proposals are adapted to your needs.

As we explained in our post on the effortless bathrooms for hotels trend, the hotel design model is constantly changing: we're saying farewell to impersonal designs and ushering in spaces that are a destination in themselves.

Bathrooms, together with the bed, are one of the spaces guests spend the most time in. In that sense, hotels are becoming destinations in themselves.

And behind every type of trip and guest there hides an objective, an expectation, and a story. At Noken we meet these aims and expectations by developing fittings that contribute to creating a comprehensive experience through the use of space. This is what's behind our two videos telling the stories of two types of travellers: their stories, and their relationships with the space.


Story 1: Committed globetrotters. Exploring Prague as a couple

Marcos and Laura met when they were interrailing, and haven't stopped travelling since. They're Millennials, and they're committed to the environment. They always look for the most sustainable hotel option when travelling. They’ve choosen the Hotel Chez-Clö. This hotel is equipped with the Noken WaterForest range, with solutions that save the hotel up to 89% on water consumption.


Story 2: Traveller by obligation. Work trip in Roma

When you're constantly travelling from country to country, with almost every day packed with meetings, you know that you need to choose a hotel that fits your needs. Andrea, a corporate consultant, prioritises comfort and seeks accommodation that makes her feel at home when she's surrounded by chaos. The hotel Hotel Chez-Clö has Noken's Wellness range, a bathroom solution that offers revitalisation.