High performance Bathrooms: quality, design and sustainability

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 04 may 2016

The perfect design in bathrooms needs not only to be clean, accessible and functional, but also modern and with quality equipment in order to ensure a relaxing and enveloping atmosphere that lasts for a long time.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, ensures the perfect combination of all three: practicality, quality and design, but without forgetting its firm commitment to preserving the environment, the care for both the environment and sustainability.

The Acro-Compact sanitary ware collection from Noken has a bit of that. It is efficient, as long as it is considered an ECO product that promotes water saving; It is perfect for compact bathrooms, since it boosts space economy and visual spaciousness; and it has a unique, very urban and simple timeless design.

+Space economy through a practical and functional design

Noken takes on board the space economy and makes everything that is not important be out of the equation.

The Acro-Compact sanitary ware is designed in that line of simplifying life, through its design based on the purity of both straight and simple lines.

This sanitaryware means a totally practical and comfortable bathroom concept, which becomes perfect for both compact and small dimension bathrooms, which need to ignore everything apart from the basics.

In fact, they are designed to occupy the minimum space, standing at only 60 centimetres from the wall in the case of the sanitaryware; and 55 centimetres regarding bidets.

In addition, its design is highly functional as long as they are easy to clean, keeping all its hidden connections. Additionally, the Acro-Compact sanitaryware is designed for total ease with regard to its use, thanks to its practical soft-close seat.

Eco Consciousness. Saving up to 25% water

Ecology and sustainability are basic in a bathroom space. Therefore, Noken is fully committed to efficiency through innovations such as the ECO flushing system incorporated by the Acro-Compact collection.

Its importance lies in its cistern with Geberit mechanism through which two ECO water output modes, 4.5 or 3 litres as appropriate, can be opted for. This functionality means a constant water saving of up to 25% compared to a conventional flushing system. It is also available with lower, side or rear supply.