GET THE LOOK: The Pure Line Collection, the combination which reinvents minimalism

Date: 17 ene 2018

The perception we have of minimalism is changing at a rapid rate with new designs that radiate originality, without forgetting about the essentialist character of this minimalist trend. Perspectives that swap classic minimalism with pure and infinite lines for designs with style and a unique identity.

In agreement with this increasing trend, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers the Pure Line collection, a composition of elements that together, create a harmonious space where decorative and material styles contrast.

A collection that includes bathroom furniture created with natural aged oak wood and a metal structure, and whose strength is offset by the visual lightness of the cutting-edge styled mirror and the refined and delicate taps. The perfect fusion for creating a harmonious bathroom space whose challenge is providing a relaxing and functional daily bathroom experience.

The Pure Line bathroom furniture

Robustness and contrast in the shape of bathroom furniture. A piece that stands out not only for its structural beauty, but also for its studied functionality and versatility. It has a fully integrated upper drawer with slow closing guide rails and total opening, which provides extra storage in the bathroom.

Also, one of the most outstanding features of this bathroom furniture is that it is available in two different sizes, and furthermore, it allows for all the basin options in the collection to be integrated, whether it is internally and over-exposed.



The Pure Line mirror

With a futuristic design, the Pure Line mirror, available in a 140cmx50cm and 80cm× 50cm version, is responsible for offering the highest technology to the bathroom. It is an element that is ahead of its time with an anti-fog system, Bluetooth connection, LED lights with sensor and a shelf for supporting the mobile phone. Pure design adapted to daily needs.




The Pure Line taps

Finally, the elegance touch is provided by the Pure Line taps. An element of simple and delicate lines that has new finishes in black glass, which add extra sophistication to the space.

A bathroom set which has been designed to get an atmosphere where contrast is the main attraction. A coming together of materials and designs that ooze sophistication, style and functionality.