Push the boundaries: This is what the flush buttons for wall hung toilets in special finishes are like

Category: Products
Date: 07 feb 2020

We take design to its limits. To the finest detail.

A bathroom project is a synergy in which everything must fit. In which each piece and each detail is an extension of the other. We are dealing with harmony. 

We take space customisation a step further. With the aim of having each piece integrated into the bathroom design, in the context of the 27th International Exhibition we showcase a series of flush buttons for toilets with concealed cisterns in special finishes, namely: metal; available in our taps range. 

Creative freedom which allows aesthetic to be taken to the finest detail.



Push to the boundaries

The flush buttons for wall hung toilets come with a new character. Lightened in new metals such as copper, titanium, gold, black, white or inox, in the satin or matt versions; they achieve in integrating each piece of the bathroom into the whole set. 

The Tono flush buttons for wall hung toilets come in copper gloss, brushed copper, titanium  gloss, brushed titanium, gold gloss, brushed gold, and brushed inox. Furthermore, the Forma flush buttons of concealed cisterns will be available in chrome, gold gloss, copper gloss and titanium gloss. 

They also get new skins in their most rounded shapes. The Rondo flush buttons will be available in chrome, white, copper gloss, brushed copper, titanium gloss, brushed titanium, gold gloss, brushed gold, whereas the Oval flush buttons will be in chrome, black and white. 


Long-lasting features: a combination of craftwork and avant-garde design

Robust with a strong character, the special finishes provide the bathroom with uniqueness. When applied to accessories, they enhance space expressivity. 

We are dealing with finishes which are elegant and long-lasting alike. It is the result obtained with the combination of craftwork and avant-garde design, thanks to the physical vapour deposition technique, also known as PVD. This process ensures both an aesthetic look and brightness, remaining as good as new, since they remain unaffected against corrosion and the use of cleaning products.

Here at Noken, we take care of metallic finishes down to the finest detail, making them undergo strict quality and resistance controls. In our labs, tests are carried out periodically sampling the saline conditions of a real bath following the EN 248 European regulation in order to confirm the reliability of our chroming. 


Every small detail counts

The attention to small decisions and piece customisation allow us to create unique spaces with a huge number of possibilities. Since every detail is a piece which represents everything that one feels and believes in. The real essence is in every detail. It is the soul of a project.