Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms makes progress with the expansion work on its showroom and offices

Category: News
Date: 30 oct 2018
  • Dozens of professionals are working on the renovation of the industrial centre whose first phase should be completed in time for the PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition.
  • The work will make the showroom and the offices bigger covering some 2000m2, and the outdoor garden will be revamped as well.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is making progress in the expansion work of its showroom and offices, whose first phase should be completed by the end of January 2019 for the 26th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition. Dozens of professionals work every day so that the work will be completed in the fastest time possible, mainly on the showroom. This space, focused on showcasing the bathroom products from its most experiential side, will be expanded by 2000m2, along with the offices. The objective of this expansion is to enhance research and development for bathroom equipment, as well as improving customer service.




The Noken Professional Assistance, Contract Division is the programme that this firm offers to professionals with the aim of meeting the needs of the contract sector. This service, labelled as Premium, ensures personalised advice and customer support in all phases of the design and execution of the project, including a series of benefits:


  1. Supply of model room.
  2. Pre-construction installation team set up. 1st start-up
  3. Advice and training of hotel maintenance teams.
  4. Individual and personalised Post-sale.
  5. SAT local in any Spanish province and more than 120 countries.
  6. Safety stocks per project for immediate supplies of spare parts and pieces.
  7. All the equipment for the bathroom.


Phase 1 of the expansion work is scheduled to be completed in January 2019 with the showroom refurbishment, whereas the offices are expected to be ready by February 2020 (phase 2). Likewise, the work will improve the external look of Noken's facilities in Vila-real, with the restoration of the outdoor garden.