Compact bathrooms: Ideas for optimising bathroom space

Category: Remodeling
Date: 29 may 2018

In a small house, the bathroom turns out to be one of the rooms which suffers the most from the lack of space. Nevertheless, we do not need to worry just because of the fact of having a small bathroom, since there are different solutions which make the bathroom look more spacious than it really is. A small bathroom can be perfectly comfortable and functional, as well as being elegant and exquisite. The key is: opting for the most suitable bathroom equipment.

Thanks to the continuous study of interior design and bathroom design trends, Noken provides sanitarywarebasins. and even cabinets capable of being adapted perfectly to small dimension bathrooms. Collections such as Acro, Acro Compact, Pure Line o Forma are specifically designed for this purpose, providing a bathroom experience with extra practicality and comfort, and they can be fitted in the most minimum of spaces.

Optim Space: small bathroom designs by Noken

1. Wall hung sanitaryware: a useful design just a few centimetres off the floor

Wall hung pans are space-saving sanitaryware and, in turn, they make the bathroom cleaning and maintenance easier. Noken proposes, in this sense, its wall hung sanitaryware.

The Forma series is, for instance, the perfect toilet design for small bathrooms, since its wall-hung design offers great lightness to the atmosphere. In addition, this toilet includes the NK Clean Forma Rimless technology, a highly efficient and splash-free toilet bowl cleaning system, which reaches every corner.

2. Traditional toilets. Smaller, less depth

In the floor-standing toilets with cistern installation category, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers the XS collections, Acro and Acro Compact, for bathrooms. Compact toilets with cisterns whose projection is 600mm.

3. Basins reduced down to the minimum

With regard to basins, Noken guarantees the use of space through its 45-centimetre Urban-C and 35-centimetre Acro basins, perfect for all kinds of styles and atmospheres. Also, due to their unique design, they only seem to use the necessary space, fulfilling daily bathroom functions.

In addition, the 60 centimetre Pure Line basin, includes a left offset bowl, as well as a shelf on the right. This shelf allows for the space to be taken advantage of, as well as for any bathroom accessory to be placed on it, such as: soap dishes, slides, a brush holder and so on. This basin model is also a wall-hung ceramic basin, which does not need to rest on any furniture or countertop with the consequent space saving that this entails.

4. Smart Cabinets: mirrored furniture to optimise the storage

Storage is another problem faced by the user when having a bathroom of small dimensions. For this reason, it is crucial to opt for high or built-in storage. The Smart Cabinets collection by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms brings both options together: wardrobes with ample interior space and a door with a mirror.


Distribution of small bathrooms: ideas to ‘gain' square metres.

Apart from the most optimal bathroom equipment from Noken, following a series of guidelines in bathroom decoration, it will also give you a seemingly larger and more compact bathroom, such as the storage increase regarding height, order and neatness, or the mirror installation in specific places.

1. Light. Light is very important in a compact bathroom. The fact of knowing how to play with it will result in achieving the maximum visual width. Likewise, counting on a large amount of natural light plays an important role, and also the fact that the light source comes from the back of the room. It will also be key to increasing the visual depth as well as the feeling of spaciousness.

2. Shower equipment. With regard to the shower atmosphere, both creating homogeneous atmospheres and keeping elements to the minimum are crucial for a compact bathroom. A shower tray at ground level is an elegant as well as an exquisite choice, the same as opting for recessed or semi-recessed shower heads for unique relaxing experiences.

3. Mirrors. In addition to this, the space can apparently be widened because of the master inclusion of mirrors in the bathroom. The reflection, together with the influence of the natural light on it, will create an outstanding practical optical illusion.

Because every centimetre counts in the bathroom.