How to opt for a toilet: wall hung vs floor standing designs

Date: 25 feb 2019
  • The design of a bathroom for a refurbishment or a new project raises the question of which toilet to opt for.
  • Noken offers the advantages of different types of toilets according to technology, design or type of installation to adapt to each bathroom, user and need.

The toilet is an important piece in the bathroom due to its recurrent use. Therefore, before designing a bathroom for a new project or renovation, it is essential to know what criteria to follow when making the right choice. Designs, formats and finishes should be taken into account in relation to aesthetic and innovation, as well as the applied technology that will improve comfort and the quality of life.

As a world leader in toilet manufacturing, Noken offers its versatility to adapt each toilet to each bathroom, user and need. An extensive catalogue of products through which the perfect piece can always be found.

Differente types of toilets according to their installation

A floor standing toilet with a traditional cistern or a wall-hung toilet with a built-in cistern?

Both designs are ideal for modern bathroom equipment. In the case of the wall-hung toilets, they offer a more minimalist and lighter aesthetic, because of having a hidden cistern. Also, due not to being mounted on the floor and having fewer elements in view, they make the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet that much easier. The toilets with a cistern come in many formats, including some that are more compact which do not require any work with their installation.

Noken offers an extensive series of toilets in each of the installation types. Arquitect and Nk Concept stand out because of their floor designs with traditional cisterns, whereas Forma, Essence-C and the Tono or Lounge signature series stand out because of their designs in wall-hung toilets. Noken guarantees the reliability of these products by carrying out demanding and functional tests, along with a flush test, which are accredited by the international certifying bodies.





The design: shape and finishes are important

The chosen toilet design will determine the bathroom aesthetic. Noken works with international architects to offer toilets whose designs are distinctive. The Vitae toilets designed by Zaha Hadid, are different from the conventional. They create a liquid design of wall-hung toilets inspired by the movement of water. With the formats, Noken offers versatility which can be adapted to each space, as well as finishes in white gloss or white matt, one of the trends for more modern-day bathrooms.




Made in Noken Ceramic, with high-end ceramics, Noken offers a guarantee of high quality and durable toilets. Likewise, they are committed to innovation for the quality of life, through systems such as: Soft Close, the soft-close seat mechanism and the toilet lid; and Lift Off, which allows for the seat to be removed for better maintenance and cleaning.

Toilets for small bathrooms

The distribution of bathroom equipment should be much more strategic in the case of compact or small bathrooms. Noken has toilets for small bathrooms in its two versions: floor and wall hung.

The floor standing Acro Compact toilets are ideal for XS bathrooms, due to the low 600mm depth of the cistern. In wall-hung toilets, Noken designs series like the Essence-C Compact which is 510mm deep instead of the 560mm of the Essence-C standard version or the Acro Compact Rimless toilet, that has a projection of 490mm. This means that they adapt much better to the space in small bathrooms.

SMART toilets: choose the bathroom of the future today

Smart bathrooms are one of the current trends which define the bathroom of the future. Technology applied to daily life to increase well-being. The Nk Concept Intelligent Toilet is a piece specifically designed to improve user comfort and personal hygiene through washing with water. Its self-control system makes it possible to differentiate between back and front washing, as well as a wash in three positions to increase the range of use and adaptation to each person. As well as that, it allows the water temperature to be regulated, and it comes with a dryer with three different levels. Other features are its heated seat and presence sensor, and the light for night use.




The Rimless NK Clean technology applied to sanitaryware also improves the cleanliness of the piece, by making the water effectively reach all the corners of the toilet bowl. This system is available in the wall-hung Forma, Essence-Compact and Acro Compact toilets.

WaterForest toilets: save up to 56% water

Contributing to water savings is possible with Noken WaterForest toilets. The company adapts the water flushing to every need with the ECO double flushing systems. Available for 6-3 litres and 4.5-3 litres, these allow for water savings of 47% and 56% respectively. A small breakthrough in terms of sustainability.