Bathrooms with a hint of summer. Design and functionality in your holiday home

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 03 ago 2016
It is summer and it is time to escape from the city for a break in the countryside or at the beach. We try to go beyond everyday obligations, sidestepping them and relaxing, therefore, our holiday home must be both set up and positioned for this purpose. Although everything in our summer home must be essentially practical, in the bathroom, functionality is even more important. We need  bathroom equipment which makes our lives easier, allowing us to enjoy its technology, and as well as this, it must be easy to maintain. In short, a subtle and practical bathroom, that is easy to use, and which provides us with an optimal bathroom experience. Moreover, it is also crucial to set up the perfect bathroom design in a holiday home. If you are someone who is committed to filling the bathroom with vividness and daring designs, you will love the choice of equipment marked by summer colours which awaken your senses, and at the same time, fill the day with both light and colour. But, if you are a "less is more" type of person, you will enjoy reducing the design to a minimum, selecting light and natural colours for your bathroom and focusing on simplicity and minimalism. This second option is also ideal for compact or very small bathrooms in which you should enhance the visual range and use the space optimally. Coloured bathrooms. Liven your spirit and mood up Design influences our spirit and affects our moods, therefore, in a holiday home, it seems interesting to count on the inclusion of bright colours in interior spaces that induce both happiness and a very positive attitude. The colour red, for instance, conveys energy, positivity and summer warmth, whereas blue reminds us of both the sea and water, and furthermore, it suggests serenity and calmness, inviting peace and quiet into our lives. In order that you get a full colour bathroom adapted to your needs, Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, proposes its Mood collection. Its exquisite design allows you to set up a practical and technological bathroom in two summer colours: red and blue. If you have an energetic spirit or the look of a sailor, Mood by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Luis Vidal + Architects is the perfect bathroom series for your contemporary summer home. And it is not just for its bathroom furniture with basin and accessories practicality, but also for its wall hung sanitaryware and its sustainable electronic taps. Mood is also a versatile modern collection. Besides its two colours, red and blue, it is also available in white and wood, from the Mood Wood collection. These two lines from the series are specially designed for natural, modern and minimal bathrooms, boosting the purity of white, and at the same time, paying tribute to the originality of the natural environment. Essentially practical bathrooms Although there are people who make the most of their vacation by getting away, and enjoy relaxing baths in a whirltub, the most useful and practical thing about a summer house is banking on a functional shower. If you have a small bathroom, a shower will always take up less space than a bathtub and it will make the daily shower much easier after some time at the beach or in the pool. Thanks to innovation and the shower column and shower heads technology, you will get a unique shower experience, thanks to several water outlets, such as rain or waterfall. In this sense, Noken offers its extra-slim NK-Logic shower heads, which, as well as being suitable for a daily shower, take up very little space, thanks to its straight lines and its possible ceiling mounted installation. Functionality and easy maintenance The search for practicality in a summer home bathroom is also transmitted to the rest of bathroom equipment, such as the taps, bathroom accessories or sanitaryware. Regarding taps, selecting a collection of simple tints and soft lines reduced to the essential is ideal. Urban from Noken is perfect for this purpose, as it is not only elegant and practical and but also very contemporary. For the accessories, meanwhile, Noken offers Urban-C for its functional use and simple design that allows for fulfilling the need of comfort in the bathroom. With regard to the sanitaryware, we look for the simplicity of the design, but especially the ease of maintenance, something that comes together easily, and that is achieved by introducing wall hung sanitaryware in the bathroom. Collections such as NK Concept, Forma and Mood offer this type of technological and sustainable sanitaryware, reduced to the minimum space, and practical for both hygiene and cleanliness.