This is what the bathrooms of the future will be like with Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 07 dic 2017

What kind of bathroom experience will we enjoy in 20 years’ time? What new functionalities and routines will we be able to make the most of in this room? The relentless search for the answers to these questions has led to the carrying out of a huge number of researches which foresee just where the bathrooms of the future will be heading for.

The results regarding these researches are focused on four futuristic scenes: the maximum bathroom customisation so that it meets every user’s demands; the use of the highest technology in order to achieve a bathroom which maintains the users’ wellness and health; the strong commitment to self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly bathrooms; and the eagerness to turn the bathroom into a little spa where users can relax and connect with themselves.

ECO bathrooms: banking on sustainable solutions which reduce energy consumption

The gradual exhaustion of resources may foresee that strong emphasis will be put on the bathrooms of the future to such an extent that they might have a positive environmental impact through heat recovery and water treatment.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms are provided with innovative mechanisms and sustainable designs:

- ECO aerators: Water and air are mixed in the shower heads, which makes a saving of up to 60% when compared to conventional taps.

- Cold water opening system: Our taps are provided with flow limiters, the Ecostop button and the two-position switch ECO cartridges. NK Concept includes the cold water opening system, a mechanism which consists of the tap being turned on in the centre and this way only the cold water is released, thus allowing for water temperature control.

- LED taps: The Urban C collection offers a kind of tap where the LED lighting technology has been included. This way, it is possible to know the water temperature without even touching it. The system does not need any power supply, as it is a dynamo generated by the water flow.

- Dual ECO toilet flushing system: The sanitaryware is provided with the dual ECO toilet flushing. We are dealing with a high innovative technology  which is able to save a huge amount of water, since it is possible to choose between 2 flush system models depending on the use.

High technology reaches bathroom equipment

Noken has banked on its bathroom equipment digitalisation through other technology innovations such as the digital taps and thermostatic taps. Pure innovation designed to create more customised revitalising showers, which do away with sudden changes in the temperature. 

The bathroom as a SPA space for the wellness of people

Nowadays, the bathroom has become one of the favourite areas in the house in which to relax and dedicate time to oneself. A space in which to lock the door behind you and escape from stress and everyday worries. Future technology is not only aimed at creating authentic spaces of relaxation and wellness, but also therapeutic spaces in which technology affects moods, through colour, smells, sound and virtual reality.

In Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, we have shower heads such as the Seasons or Lounge models with chromotherapy and hydrotherapy, which give a revitalizing and relaxing experience to their users, through the choice of taking a bath with colour and its different types of water outlets, such as: rain, perimeter rain, waterfall, central jet or vaporiser.


Design renews its strength for the future

The design of future bathrooms can be seen without limits. Pure and cutting-edge shapes that will make each element of the bathroom, an authentic structural piece. The impressive architect, Zaha Hadid, has already made a leap into the future with her Vitae bathroom collection. Its shapes, inspired by the modularity and fluidity of water, yield a futuristic aesthetic but with natural origin and essence. The bathrooms of the future are far from being cold and abstract, and they will respond to the requirements of designs of natural inspiration, as well as being equipped with the very highest technology.

Also, there is a commitment on practical and functional bathrooms that make people’s lives easier. For this, materials such as Noken Ceramic®, high-end ceramics with properties that guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning are developed. Its mineral composition gives a pure scratch resistant white, immune to thermal shock and chemical and corrosive attacks.

Practicality and customisation in design as the main attractions for tomorrow

Finally, another of the trends that will shape the design of future bathrooms is customisation. The bathrooms will be modular and they will adapt to the context and personality of each home. In the TONO collection by Foster + Partners for Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, we find a minimalist and elegant design that allows for the personal tastes and needs of each user to be combined.

And in the near future: temperature, lighting, music, height and even smells may be capable of being adjusted automatically depending on the user who is using the room.