Bathrooms in grey: timeless colour. The best of black and white

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 17 ago 2018
  • This colour has never stopped being trendy, owing to its versatility in interior design.
  • Get the ‘grey look’ with furniture, such as Arquitect and Forma, so that they can combine perfectly with basins and sanitaryware in white.

Grey is a safe bet when it comes to decorating the bathroom. One of its advantages is its timelessness, being a tone which is forever a trend. Furthermore, grey is a sober and versatile colour, perfect for bathrooms that move away from stridency, which strongly bank on chromatic calmness and serenity.

Another of the virtues that grey possesses is that it joins the best of black and white in  a same intermediate colour. The elegance and sophistication of black. The brightness of white and its adaptability to any style and project. Count on grey and get a bathroom that is both modern and simple, that is focused on the functionality of the pieces, which is capable of giving the equipment the importance that it deserves. 

Grey bathroom furniture: the subtle modernity of Arquitect and Forma

With grey tones, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms banks on two types of bathroom furniture that are perfect for modern spaces:

Arquitect, available also in black and in two different sizes: 80cm and 120cm; is wall-hung furniture that is both decoratively subtle and practical. And, if it apparently has a simple design, it has a big inside drawer which allows for a high storage and order capacity. The perfect complement for this furniture is the countertop basin from the very same collection, namely: the Arquitect basin; which completes a white grey look, perfect for urban bathrooms. One of the other features of the Arquitect furniture is its softness, being wonderfully nice to touch; as well as reparable, thanks to having been treated with nanotechnology.




Forma is bathroom furniture available in two combinations in grey and white. Also, it is a wall-hung piece, which is completed with the Forma 100cm basin and the big supporting surface. Apart from being a large space for daily use and hygiene, the Forma furniture is practical due to its inside drawer with soft-close, as well as its built-in towel rail.





Chrome and titanium: finishes which beautify the bathrooms in grey

Going beyond grey itself, chrome is a finish that is perfect for complementing bathrooms in grey tones or in grey white tones. The Forma basin tap in chrome, for instance, is ideal for finishing the set, and furthermore, it shows its sustainable character by providing the water flow limiter and the cold-opening system in order to save both water and energy respectively.

With regard to the shower, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers, for instance, its Pure Line digital mechanical and thermostatic taps, which allow for temperature control and a water outlet in a very simple way with just a single touch. Combined with a wall tile for the shower in one of the trendiest colours, namely Payne’s grey, it will achieve an excellent interior design result.




Chrome is the perfect finish, to be achieved through the bathroom accessories. Lounge has it in its towel rail designs, hangers and soap dishes. This series also offers in some of its designs the titanium finish, which is a Premium finish which can also be included in a bathroom that is primarily grey which, looks at putting emphasis on some of the pieces of the equipment. 





Are you going to do up your bathroom? Neither black nor white. Just grey.