The 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition: Project Tech, innovation and endless quality

Category: Products, News
Date: 02 feb 2018

Continuing with the latest innovations from the 25th International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition, we find unique technology: Project Tech.

Innovation that is materialised in a countertop which shows superficial scratches, this can be repaired by applying heat on the damaged area. A piece whose composition is not only capable of being regenerating but, it is also ideal for this space in the house thanks to: its antibacterial properties, resistance to impacts, chemical products and high temperatures.

Thanks to the virtues of this unique piece being added to a minimalist design, we discovered a new concept for the bathroom. The project Tech countertops stand out because of their cutting-edge aesthetic and technically superior functionality. They also advocate quality, style and elegance in each of their finishes.




Meant for the most demanding projects, project Tech also stands out as a star element which adapts to all kinds of spaces. It offers endless aesthetic and decorative possibilities with its: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm formats.

As well as that, Project Tech is available in soft colours such as white, grey or natural oak, and even darker and rougher ones such as: taupe, black or bronze oak. In this way, the Project Tech countertop offers, in addition to unique technology in the market, endless aesthetic possibilities that adapt to the minimalism which leads the way with the trends in the interior design and architecture sector in 2018.

In the latest catalogue from the firm for the 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition, the Project Tech countertop can be found combined with the structural Arquitect basins. Original designs with thin edges full of personality that contrast with built-in black matt taps on a wall where the rawness and the unique character of the micro cement in grey stands out.