In 2016, Noken unifies fabrication criteria in order to offer a higher quality in its products. The Noken Ceramic® success is based on the persistent renewal of the brand and its eagerness to achieve perfection of its ceramics.

  • Selected raw material

    The internal controls for the selection of the raw material allow to work only with the best fabrication materials for the sanitary ceramics.

  • Pure white

    The careful selection of our materials makes the white obtained to be of the highest purity.

  • Compact ceramic

    The material is made at 2250ºF, and it allows the perfect compaction of the materials, resulting in the final ceramics with a greater impact resistance.

  • Planimetrics

    Noken Ceramic® formula allows designs with quality tolerances which are very demanding in planimetrics and surfaces.

  • Chemical Resistant

    The nokenceramicroom is subjected to many chemical products. Due to this, Noken Ceramic® has a strong resistance against all those corrosive agents.

  • Easy cleaning

    The sanitary ceramics requires little time and effort for being clean, allowing an easy mantainance and keeping the highest standards.

  • NK protect

    By means of chemical formulation of Noken Ceramic® and its lacquered treatment, it is obtained a vitrified without pores, scratchproof and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, our sanitary ceramics remains unchanged subjected to thermal shock.

  • 100% hygiene

    The key to this sanitary porcelain is its flat surface that avoids areas where the dirt is set. Noken Ceramic® coating creates a protective barrier against possible impurities allowing water to drag wastes.