This is the key to manufacture products that respect the environment.

Early planning of the development process ensures the selection of environmentally friendly materials, minimize risk and achieve a high level of efficiency.


This is the key to manufacture products that respect the environment.

Early planning of the development process ensures the selection of environmentally friendly materials, minimize risk and achieve a high level of efficiency.




All major projects involving eco-design studies conducted by Ecotech area. These are based on the areas of environment and sustainability, in which the systematic analysis of the products in all their life stages is addressed, the introduction of lawsuits, as well as analysis of competing products. It is important that all project team representing all disciplines. The goal of ecodesign is that every new product is better than the last as far as environmental issues are concerned.

Since its inception Noken has worked for the conservation of environment both internally and externally. This work is reflected not only in the final products and the company has released to market, but also in day-to-day work in their production processes and the behavior of its employees.

Environmental responsibility in the selection of materials used and the maximum recycling in the industrial consumption and organizational development are a must for Noken.

Noken has facilities equipped with the latest technology that recycles the water required in the production process to later return to the circuit. Thus, in manufacturing sanitary reuse is achieved up to 70% water. In this sense, in the areas of cooking and drying process of ceramic reuse the heat energy that is used during cooking applies.

Noken is considered one of the leading innovators in the international health sector. A reputation that the company has been developed over the years by developing precursor creations and innovations.

This process has always seemed to us that it is logical to question and reinvent tradition for continually improving the quality of our products and, consequently, the quality of life of the people. To this our contribution to the protection and preservation of the precious resource of water is added. It is our passion for the liquid element which drives us to continually search for new advanced solutions. Our conviction that water is not just water but a precious and mysterious elixir of life is what promotes our ambition to manufacture mixers and showers as perfect as possible, which also raise awareness of the value of water and encourage respect for this ancestral element. Our main focus is on the best way to use the water in everything we do with this resource, and graduated from mixing to recycle.




Cold water opening system taps


New Forma y NKConcept series incorporate cold water opening technology .  The lever can only be moved to the left, allowing temperature control. This results in the use of hot water only when really necessary, with the corresponding automatic energy saving. In the centre position the tap only supplies cold water, preventing the continued use of heaters and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Both models also come standard with a special flow rate limiter integrated in the spout of the single lever tap for constant water savings. A conventional tap offers about 12 litres per minute, so water consumption is reduced nearly 60% to 5 litres per minute.






ECO Cartridge



Promoting reasonable water consumption, Noken incorporates the ECO cartridge to its products. It has a two-position switch making it possible to use 50% less water and energy.

First we raise the lever until feeling a slight resistance (13 º).  This position marks 50% of the total flow, sufficient to wash our hands.

If we require a stronger flow rate, we can obtain it by raising the lever past the resistance point until reaching the maximum flow position with the lever pushed all the way to the top.






Less water, less energy and less CO2 How do you make less water go further? Very simple, by using Noken Eco technology.  

An ingenious flow rate limiter with special jets and air incorporation making  water consumption  reduced to 6 or 12 l / min without altering the high level of shower comfort.

A technique which also saves on power since the volume of water to be heated is less. Thus, starting from the shower we begin to contribute to environmental protection.




"ECO AIR" also means that when water is mixed with air, it is taken more advantage of, hence the high water demand of large showers is counteracted. In showers with the AIR ECO water system consumption can even be reduced by 10% and jet quality is improved. Compared to conventional shower technology, one has the impression of an even higher volume of water.

For sure we have piqued your curiosity. How does the innovative ECO AIR  technique work? How does the beneficial air penetrate the shower water?

We explain: the air is sucked in through a hole in the centre of the shower head and mixed with the outgoing water. A litre of water corresponds to 3 litres of air!

The result: while the volume of water droplets is increased, they have in turn a lighter and softer effect. Instead of the typical water stream, millions of voluminous raindrops  caress the skin and the body is completely wrapped in a pleasant film of water and air.





Ecostop Button



Noken has several thermostatic taps with an ECO button. This mechanism allows water savings of up to 50%.

When the user reaches the mid-way of the flow lever, this stops until the user presses the ECO button to access the full thermostatic flow available..






Toilet flushing system

Water is a scarce resource, so it is important to make wise use of it.

The flushing system mechanisms for toilets with a low-level cistern offer a dual flush system of 4.5 and 3 litres, giving a continuous water saving of up to 25% compared to  traditional flushing mechanisms.

Upon pressing the large button, the complete volume of water is flushed, whereas when pressing only the smaller one a reduced amount of 3 litres is released, thereby with further saving.





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Water Label

Water Label is a voluntary labelling system launched by European manufacturers to    improve water use and performance of taps and showers. Most Noken tap ranges   comply with the highest score.

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