Noken Ceramic®


Noken unifies fabrication criteria in order to offer a higher quality in its products. The Noken Ceramic® success is based on the persistent renewal of the brand and its eagerness to achieve perfection of its ceramics.







Selected raw material

The internal controls for the selection of the raw material allow to work only with the best fabrication materials for the sanitary ceramics.


Pure White

The careful selection of our materials makes the white obtained to be of the highest purity.

Compact ceramics

The material is made at 2250ºF, and it allows the perfect compaction of the materials, resulting in the final ceramics with a greater impact resistance.



Noken Ceramic® formula allows designs with quality tolerances which are very demanding in planimetrics and surfaces.

Chemical resistant

The nokenceramicroom is subjected to many chemical products. Due to this, Noken Ceramic® has a strong resistance against all those corrosive agents.


Easy cleaning

The sanitary ceramics requires little time and effort for being clean, allowing an easy mantainance and keeping the highest standards.

NK protect

By means of chemical formulation of Noken Ceramic® and its lacquered treatment, it is obtained a vitrified without pores, scratchproof and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, our sanitary ceramics remains unchanged subjected to thermal shock.


100% hygiene

The key to this sanitary porcelain is its flat surface that avoids areas where the dirt is set. Noken Ceramic® coating creates a protective barrier against possible impurities allowing water to drag wastes.


Easy and intuitive use

Digital technology guarantees perfect control and ensures optimum experience of water use.

The result is a technologically superior product, to which the user can instantly relate and feel comfortable with.

Respect for the environment has been one of the main factors when developing  products in the MOOD tap collection, and their ease of use alike.

From Noken we have taken into account the experience of the end user to ensure that it is intuitive and easy to adapt to the needs of daily life.





Digital technology

The  tap range line is centred on offering "more for less." One single gesture organises the overall geometry of the object and on a single object we manage to personalize the use of different tap range elements. Through the personalization of functions a large reduction in water consumption is achieved, the end user becomes more conscious of responsible water use and a more pleasurable experience with water is achieved through its flow and temperature.


- Flow rate: 3 l/min
- temperature: 20ºC
- Operating time: 10 seconds.


- Flow rate: 6 l/min
- temperature: 30ºC
- Operating time: 15 seconds.


- Flow rate: 9 l/min
- temperature: 25ºC
- Operating time: 20 seconds.



These programmes do not have any data in memory. Flow rate, temperature and operating time should be indicated previously for them to operate.



MOOD electronic tap range

Digital technology ensures functionality in the bathroom. Intuitive icons make it easy to use and operation effortless. It is now possible to create a personal underwater experience due to digital technology and enjoy an unparalleled experience in the shower.








Smart box


The SmartBox program was born from a great demand for embedded bodies allowing a highly flexible modular system.


The bathrooms today reflect the personality of its users. This is precisely the reason why the requirements are continually changing their configurations and premium harmony and interaction between its elements. Current schedules include the entire stay and require easy installation system that offers great freedom of design and use to the customer.


SmartBox allows multiple combinations thanks to bodies that are based on sink faucets, tub and shower. Installation of basic bodies is fast and effective in all versions: sink, shower and tub.





installation system enclosure


The fitting system is isolated within a housing, thereby reducing the noise produced by the passage of water through the pipe installation. In addition, it adapts to any surface and can be installed in both solid walls (direct and remote) and plasterboard (with and without rear access), and is even compatible with deep walls.


Smart Box One, Vario and Thermo are three models in this new range of shower systems Insert: UNO for systems with an output VARIO for two or three water outlets and Smart Box is the thermostatic THERMO version with up to three outputs water. All three systems are easily adapted to different collections Noken shower faucets.


In the following video, you can see how easy it is the installation of the three models of Smart Box on different types of surfaces.



SmartBox UNO

A minimalist and economical solution for just one outlet. Configurations with all the advantages for easy installation and  freedom of design.


SmartBox VARIO

A technical solution to cover all configurations up to 3 water outlets. Easy to install and compatible with all types of facilities.


SmartBox TERMO

A built-in solution with a thermostat for more comfort and safety for up to 3 outlets.



installation system for baths

Shower version exists for the base body of a single output or outputs to 3 thermostatic option.



installation system for toilets

The sink version allows installation in either horizontal or vertical faucet offering great freedom of design.






Removable Seats


The removable seats ensure easy cleaning and maximum hygiene of sanitary ceramics.  Simply disengage by extracting with a gentle pull of the hand when the seat is placed in the open position. Cleaning the toilet is much more convenient, fast and complete. The seat is pushed back onto the supports in an open position with virtually no effort.


The removable seats included in this dossier are equipped with special cartridges that are integrated into the seat hinges in order to ensure a smooth, quiet close.






Soft-close technology  prevents the annoying noise of the sudden drop of the lid and the seat provides comfort, safety and convenience.

The hinges come with a 10 year guarantee.









Urban-c light

URBAN-C LIGHT, a combination of good design and function with LED technology, which emanates from the inside of the washbasin tap, giving it an innovative aspect. Due to LED lights that change colour depending on the temperature of the water you can see when the water is cold or hot. Thus, you can perceive the water temperature without touching it. The URBAN-C Light washbasin tap does not need electric energy because power is generated by the flow of water through a dynamo. So it is not just aesthetically brilliant, but is also energy self-sufficient.

In designing this new tap we have sought to create an eco and environmentally friendly appliance; for this, the water flow has been limited without compromising comfort. Obtaining a satisfactory and voluminous water stream which never exceeds 4 litres per minute, benefiting both our economy and the environment.







Slim-line shower heads



With the Giro shower head we have reinvented the shower. Its slim-line design and the extraordinary double-function shower head are the ingredients of its success.

Fixed shower heads of 225 mm provide a soft blanket of fine rain that wraps your body with water when underneath the shower. An extraordinary experience in its dual-outlet version is the cascading waterfall, which intensifies to the maximum extent your daily shower, becoming a gala of sensations for the senses.


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The Forma range presents a new concept of compact shower head with rain and waterfall functions.

It combines design and technology in an item which is hardly 5 millimetres thick and has a limited consumption of 9 litres per minute, fulfilling a highly technical and ecological challenge. 



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