The collection

Timeless and contemporary. The rounded corners and curvature shape that characterize the Forma collection creates a feeling of lightness in the bathroom.

The more modern and complex our world becomes, the more we long for an escape of the daily stress, to refresh our mind, vision and emotions. The design of the Forma series allows an expression of minimalism but with a personal touch. The sinuous lines of the series, its attractive surface and subtle luxury makes it the perfecto choice for those who seek prestige with contemporary forms for a cozy and functional bathroom environment.

The collections features eye-catching ceramic elements with rounded edges providing softness to bathroom aesthetics.


Noken rises to the challenge of saving water and energy with the launch of its new Forma range of brassware. This will be the newest addition to the Porcelanosa group’s range of ECO product. The R&D of the Porcelanosa group is focused toward its environmental responsibility. The Forma incorporates 2 basic functions contributing to a more sustainable environment - A new opening system on the cold water and an ECO aerator.

When the Forma tap is opened at the centre position only the cold water is released, unlike a standard basin mixer that has a traditional blend mode which lies in the central position of the faucet.

This results in consumption of hot water thus eliminating energy consumption that is when heating the water. With the Forma mixer moving the head to the left will start the flow of hot water, giving the user more control.

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