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Noken present at …. the Don Pancho Hotel. Bathrooms with their own light and Aztec inspiration


Beyond the dreamy beaches, and the gastronomy that evokes the sea with every bite, one of the main tourist attractions in Benidorm is its exclusive tourist offer. It is in this wonderful location where the Don Pancho Hotel is situated, in other words, one of the first luxury hotels along the coast of Alicante. The Torrubia family has been offering incomparable accommodation to tourists from around the globe since the 1970s, and at the same time, bringing them ever closer to the bluish waters and the unmatched light from the Mediterranean on the Costa Blanca.

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Bathrooms by Noken at ‘the best hotel in the world for architecture and design’


Noken is a prestigious brand of exclusivity and elegance in bathroom design. So much so that one of its projects, the Chablé Hotel, has recently been considered as ‘the best hotel in the world’ according to the renowned Prix Versailles 2017. This award, given each year to the best architecture and interior design of hotels, restaurants and boutiques around the world and its implementation project, is issued by the Paris Association of Architects in collaboration with UNESCO, which offers its emblematic Paris office for holding the event.

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Designer bathrooms in the Empreinte Hotel, Orleans: Luxury and relaxation on the banks of the Loire


Just a few steps from the Loire, the longest river in France, there is a project of both high luxury and sophistication, a classic 19th century residence converted into an exclusive hotel: the Empreinte Hotel. Without a shadow of a doubt, the perfect place to stay in Orleans, the region of castles, through a historic establishment where urban poetry leaves its mark.

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