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The Victorian collection: rejuvenated-classic essence in the bathroom


These days, bathrooms are no longer spaces devoid of personality, since they have become rooms that allow us to combine colours, textures and even decorative styles. In fact, one of the latest 2018 trends in bathroom interior design is precisely that which combines classic pieces with others of contemporary style, which look towards creating a ‘lived in’ and old atmosphere full of uniqueness and dynamism.

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The 25th International Exhibition: TONO, a modular collection which expands its possibilities


The TONO collection, designed by working closely with the renowned Foster+Partners architecture studio, extends its range of solutions. The series combines the adaptability of the pieces by offering a huge number of combinations which make it highly suitable for any kind of space and architectural style. Creating unique atmospheres is possible through pieces which can be combined together, therefore offering as many combinations as one could possibly imagine.

Tono is characterised by the functionality of its design and its material features, which strengthen the versatility and flexibility of the series.

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The Nk Concept electronic toilet: intelligent sanitaryware

inodoro NK Concept

Innovation, quality and attention to detail are showcased through the designs by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. The careful selection of raw materials and their commitment to the production process make each element a unique and evoked piece that offer an unparalleled bathroom experience. The trend of smart bathrooms transforms the wellness concept in the bathroom, offering a level of wellbeing that goes well beyond the shower.

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How to choose a shower head

rociador ducha noken

The shower head is the main element which brings the rest of the bathroom together, since it is key when it comes to achieving an atmosphere that gives off a feeling of wellness, along with the functionality that a bathroom must have.

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Make your life easier through thermostatic taps by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms


Modern life often obliges us to have impossible schedules, along with a tireless work pace. Thus, now more than ever, we must pay special attention to those little routines, as well as time and energy optimisation. Having a shower becomes one of the most revitalising pauses in the day. A relaxing time for personal care, which gives us the perfect balance between mind, body and soul after a hard day.

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