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Immerse yourself in the bathrooms trends in 2018


If there is a common pattern among the decorative trends for 2018, it is the commitment to bathrooms with singular aesthetic and eclectic character. Spaces equipped with the best technology, although based on ‘timeless’ materials and designs. This exact amount of innovation and timelessness means that perfect fusion, so bathrooms become much more than an isolated space for relaxing in. Bathrooms are becoming more and more integrated into the whole house, transmitting warmth and a sense of wellness which are equally present in all the rooms in the home. To design this bathroom space which is both integrated and unique, 2018 arrives with varied trends that provide an infinite range of decorative possibilities. All of them are presented as being suitable for all types of baths, styles and tastes.

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The Nk Concept electronic toilet: intelligent sanitaryware


Innovation, quality and attention to detail are showcased through the designs by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. The careful selection of raw materials and their commitment to the production process make each element a unique and evoked piece that offer an unparalleled bathroom experience. The trend of smart bathrooms transforms the wellness concept in the bathroom, offering a level of wellbeing that goes well beyond the shower.

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Five tips that will redefine the refurbishment of your bathroom

21. reformar-baño-porcelanosa-noken

The refurbishment of a bathroom is one of the most premeditated and thought out decisions for the home since it is a space used on a daily basis, and whose renovation sometimes leads to an important economic outlay, as well as being a big headache. But it is true that the bathroom is one of the atmospheres that provides greater well-being and harmony to those using it, so it is also one of the most rewarding and compensatory refurbishments.

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Showers: Maximise your shower experience


The Wellness experience in our home is a trend that is gathering pace at a rapid rate. As discussed in an earlier post on revitalising bathroom solutions, the firm, Noken, is committed to creating experiences that go beyond personal care and hygiene. A universe around water and its benefits, through therapies which enhance our senses, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy materialising in the shower.

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Your bathroom, your way of life: bathroom equipment inspired by people

equipamientos-baño-premium-noken porcelanosa-02

Everything around us, inspires us, and shapes our lives. Every detail is capable of saying something about who we are, what our lifestyle is and even what our aspirations are. Therefore, there is nothing which defines who we are better than our bathroom  decoration. A designed and enriched space, which reflects the personality and preferences of its users.

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Summer time: a bathroom full of refreshing experiences


Summer is here, along with the long-awaited holidays, too. There are lots of people who opt for getting away from life’s daily chores in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday, free of stress at the seaside or in the mountains. Feeling fresh, relaxation and harmony, are some of the feelings that a holiday house must have. This is the reason why its inside must be designed and arranged with that purpose fully in mind.

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