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Wood leads the way in the bathroom: perfect harmony between what is natural and what is functional


The bathroom has become a space geared towards relaxation and comfort, where the contact with what is natural is essential for achieving a harmonious and comforting atmosphere.

Thus, the genuine materials are increasingly playing a greater role in bathroom interior design, with wood being one of the finishes which best answers the call of this new bathroom concept that is based on the revitalizing strength of water, as well as the harmony of every single piece that makes up the space.

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Hotel equipment: bathrooms that balance quality and contemporary essence


When a guest enters a hotel for the first time, the first impression is paramount because there will be no second chances. The look of the hall or the common areas have a special influence, but, above all, what will determine a positive or negative opinion about the accommodation is the room design and how comfortable it is. Therefore, quality and design are two aspects to take into account when setting up the hotel equipment, especially regarding bedrooms and suites. Quality is related to the easy maintenance, as well as how the selected elements will stand the continued use and, the passage of time. The design, meanwhile, is related to the style of the hotel, and determines how updated it is with respect to the latest trends in interior design. Aesthetics is a key factor for client comfort since, generally, we feel more comfortable in those spaces which make us feel good.

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(Español) Noken en Eurocucina: últimas tendencias en cocinas y baños en la feria del mueble de Milán


The PORCELANOSA Grupo is once again present at Salone del Mobile 2018, the furniture fair in Milan. The firm will reveal the very latest trends in both kitchens and bathrooms done by Gamadecor and Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, as well as other firms such as: Porcelanosa, Venis, L’Antic Colonial, Systempool y Urbatek. Numerous innovative designs full of exclusivity and excellent design which, look to surprising visitors and professionals alike. All the innovations from the different companies from the group will be able to see themselves showcased at EuroCucina-FTK (Techonology For The Kitchen), a space geared towards kitchen equipment, in which we will also see bathroom atmospheres leading the way.

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The Victorian collection: rejuvenated-classic essence in the bathroom


These days, bathrooms are no longer spaces devoid of personality, since they have become rooms that allow us to combine colours, textures and even decorative styles. In fact, one of the latest 2018 trends in bathroom interior design is precisely that which combines classic pieces with others of contemporary style, which look towards creating a ‘lived in’ and old atmosphere full of uniqueness and dynamism.

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World Water Day: an eco-design optimized for saving water by Noken


Drinking water is a limited resource. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, just 3% is fresh water, with most of it being frozen in the poles, or in mountain regions. It is estimated that barely 0.001% of water today is drinkable and this quantity is decreasing each year to a large extent, and this is caused by human activity.

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The Nk Concept electronic toilet: intelligent sanitaryware

inodoro NK Concept

Innovation, quality and attention to detail are showcased through the designs by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. The careful selection of raw materials and their commitment to the production process make each element a unique and evoked piece that offer an unparalleled bathroom experience. The trend of smart bathrooms transforms the wellness concept in the bathroom, offering a level of wellbeing that goes well beyond the shower.

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How to choose a shower head

rociador ducha noken

The shower head is the main element which brings the rest of the bathroom together, since it is key when it comes to achieving an atmosphere that gives off a feeling of wellness, along with the functionality that a bathroom must have.

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