The Architect + Round Pack: the bathroom gives in to a white, black and grey fusion


Like evoking the pieces of a puzzle, the Architect + Round pack composition responds to design requirements, integrating and mimicking perfectly, in order to enhance each element in the bathroom to the max. A combination that advocates a timeless design and minimalist touch for the bathroom experience, whose colours and shapes convey visual peace and quiet to the bathroom that we use on a daily basis. Purity materialized in three classic colours, and with a sober character that white, black and grey all possess.

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Your bathroom, your way of life: bathroom equipment inspired by people

equipamientos-baño-premium-noken porcelanosa-02

Everything around us, inspires us, and shapes our lives. Every detail is capable of saying something about who we are, what our lifestyle is and even what our aspirations are. Therefore, there is nothing which defines who we are better than our bathroom  decoration. A designed and enriched space, which reflects the personality and preferences of its users.

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Noken present at …. the Don Pancho Hotel. Bathrooms with their own light and Aztec inspiration


Beyond the dreamy beaches, and the gastronomy that evokes the sea with every bite, one of the main tourist attractions in Benidorm is its exclusive tourist offer. It is in this wonderful location where the Don Pancho Hotel is situated, in other words, one of the first luxury hotels along the coast of Alicante. The Torrubia family has been offering incomparable accommodation to tourists from around the globe since the 1970s, and at the same time, bringing them ever closer to the bluish waters and the unmatched light from the Mediterranean on the Costa Blanca.

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Trends in bathroom furniture: choose the design that best fits your bathroom and your way of life


When one opts for bathroom furniture, it must be defined by not only colour or style. It is necessary to know for whom it is designed and, above all, what needs it will meet. That is why Noken, a specialised firm in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, provides a wide range of bathroom collections, from futuristic inspiration designs for the most visionary minded people, to bathroom furniture that brings the best of classic and avant-garde designs together for those who are fond of the past. And the best thing is that these unique designs done by Noken to satisfy the most modern of bathrooms, where the highest quality in manufacturing materials is added, without forgetting about meeting the needs of each user.

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Summer time: a bathroom full of refreshing experiences


Summer is here, along with the long-awaited holidays, too. There are lots of people who opt for getting away from life’s daily chores in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday, free of stress at the seaside or in the mountains. Feeling fresh, relaxation and harmony, are some of the feelings that a holiday house must have. This is the reason why its inside must be designed and arranged with that purpose fully in mind.

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Bathroom accessories: functionality joined to aesthetics


An accessory is considered as being an auxiliary item which complements the leading one, but it is true that in interior design, accessories play the leading role a lot of times. In particular, it is in many designs for the bathroom where accessories provide coherence and aesthetical harmony, as well as a distinctive touch which takes the space into another dimension.

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Futuristic style: the bathroom of tomorrow, designed today


Making a commitment on new materials, enhancing what is pure, reformulating shapes, venerating technology, surrendering to infinity, prioritizing white and dispensing with the superfluous. These are the commandments which define futurism in interior design. A trend emerging as a cutting-edge artistic movement in the mid-twentieth century, but today, it is very usual in interior design and architecture, working tirelessly to recreate atmospheres and solutions which make us take a trip into the future

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