The best basin taps I: Adapt the type of installation to your needs


Basin taps are a key element in bathroom arrangement, and not only because of their functionality and importance as the main source of water, but also because of their visibility and great aesthetic strength. If we consider it carefully, the basin is always located in a preferential place in the bathroom, and with it, taps, which are a perfect and essential complement in terms of design and technology.

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Compact bathrooms: design balance and functionality that make space visually bigger


In most cases, living in a big city with the additional economic cost that this entails, determines the need to make do with a house and the bare necessities, with very few square metres. For this reason, in today’s society, the use of space as a distinctive value for housing is becoming more and more important. This must be decorated and fitted out in an optimal way to achieve a much greater visual result. And if this fact becomes important, it is even more so in relation to the bathroom, traditionally a forgotten room that simply works as a functional space, only capable of satisfying our daily needs.

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2016 Noken Special: find out the best of the year


Like every year, it’s time to review everything that has happened in the past few months.

From Noken we would like to bring together the most positive aspects, with the aim of keep on working in the improvement of our products and services, a task we face every day with passion, efficiency and service.

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Designer bathrooms in the Empreinte Hotel, Orleans: Luxury and relaxation on the banks of the Loire


Just a few steps from the Loire, the longest river in France, there is a project of both high luxury and sophistication, a classic 19th century residence converted into an exclusive hotel: the Empreinte Hotel. Without a shadow of a doubt, the perfect place to stay in Orleans, the region of castles, through a historic establishment where urban poetry leaves its mark.

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Bela ROUND: Choose the best restyling for our taps


Do you remember our elegant and stylish taps from the Bela series? If so, we want to let you know that we are renewing its design, and what is more, we want to include you in the process.  As well as that, we also want you to know that you will be the one who decides what its definitive design will be.

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