How to choose a shower head?


The shower head is the main element which brings the rest of the bathroom together, since it is key when it comes to achieving an atmosphere that gives off a feeling of wellness, along with the functionality that a bathroom must have.

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Make your life easier through thermostatic taps by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms


Modern life often obliges us to have impossible schedules, along with a tireless work pace. Thus, now more than ever, we must pay special attention to those little routines, as well as time and energy optimisation. Having a shower becomes one of the most revitalising pauses in the day. A relaxing time for personal care, which gives us the perfect balance between mind, body and soul after a hard day.

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TechFriendly showers: pure technology that combines comfort, innovation and sustainability


As a world leader in cutting-edge designs, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms focuses its efforts on designing bathrooms that combine design, aesthetics and innovation which offer the user a complete and revitalising shower experience. The digitalisation of bathroom equipment not only makes life more comfortable and pleasant, but also offers a more customised and practical service to the user: a bathroom for each person.

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The Viñas de Larrede Hotel: a mountain haven which oozes well-being


The Viñas de Larrede is a hotel structure set in a dreamy landscape where nature takes centre stage, and where there is a feeling of quietness and freedom that one can sense in every moment. Both changing and unpredictable, its landscape offers awesome views of the greenery and mountains next to the river Gallego, the beautiful watchtower on top of the hill, and the Romanesque San Pedro de Larrede church.

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