World Water Day: an eco-design optimized for saving water by Noken


Drinking water is a limited resource. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, just 3% is fresh water, with most of it being frozen in the poles, or in mountain regions. It is estimated that barely 0.001% of water today is drinkable and this quantity is decreasing each year to a large extent, and this is caused by human activity.

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[GET THE LOOK] We reinterpret the classics: Lounge night blue bathroom furniture + Lounge copper bathroom taps + marble wall tiles


Inspired by the indigo that colours the sky at the end of the day, Lounge bathroom furniture has been created with a dark blue shade which stands out because of its versatility and for being the perfect alternative to black, which is limited. Its dark surface has small glints of blue that bring greater clarity and brightness to the bathroom space.

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