Bathroom accessories: functionality joined to aesthetics


An accessory is considered as being an auxiliary item which complements the leading one, but it is true that in interior design, accessories play the leading role a lot of times. In particular, it is in many designs for the bathroom where accessories provide coherence and aesthetical harmony, as well as a distinctive touch which takes the space into another dimension.

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Futuristic style: the bathroom of tomorrow, designed today


Making a commitment on new materials, enhancing what is pure, reformulating shapes, venerating technology, surrendering to infinity, prioritizing white and dispensing with the superfluous. These are the commandments which define futurism in interior design. A trend emerging as a cutting-edge artistic movement in the mid-twentieth century, but today, it is very usual in interior design and architecture, working tirelessly to recreate atmospheres and solutions which make us take a trip into the future.

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Noken in… Chablé Resort and Spa. “The best hotel in the world for architecture and design”


The project:

We enter Hotel Chablé, according to UNESCO and the Paris Association of Architects, the best hotel in the world for architecture and design. It is a paradise made up of 38 luxury cabins in the environment of the Caribbean. Its interior design is very exclusive and luxurious, fully dedicated to the comfort of guests seeking an unforgettable holiday stay.

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Bathrooms by Noken at ‘the best hotel in the world for architecture and design’


Noken is a prestigious brand of exclusivity and elegance in bathroom design. So much so that one of its projects, the Chablé Hotel, has recently been considered as ‘the best hotel in the world’ according to the renowned Prix Versailles 2017. This award, given each year to the best architecture and interior design of hotels, restaurants and boutiques around the world and its implementation project, is issued by the Paris Association of Architects in collaboration with UNESCO, which offers its emblematic Paris office for holding the event.

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Noken showcases its versatility in bathroom design at Kitchen & Bath China 2017


Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, is currently in China to exhibit some of its designs at the 22th Kitchen & Bath China 2017. From May 31 to June 3, this fair is an excellent opportunity for international firms to showcase their latest Innovations and designs for the home, mostly in furniture, bathrooms and kitchens. Undoubtedly, an important event in the city of Shanghai, which tries to wow professionals, through the high quality and versatility of the designs on show.

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The presentation of Vitae in Paris: a tribute to Zaha Hadid, along with her most innovative bathroom series


After being in London and having great success at the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition; the Vitae bathroom collection reaches Paris. The French capital is holding the event, which is the presentation of the collection, set to take place on May 17th. This is, at the same time, a special tribute to its creator: the famous architect, Zaha Hadid.

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Industrial style bathrooms: the retro trend that makes a big impact on contemporary interior design


Decorative trends from the past are back to stay. In fact, some of those styles which already had their golden age last century, are now a must-have, as is the case with industrial style. Nevertheless, and although it maintains its highly retro origin, this trend arrives renewed and reinvented in the 21st century, with guidelines featuring contemporary design and the most cutting-edge and quality materials.

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Bathroom Rituals: a bathroom for every experience with customised equipment


Bathroom experiences are different every time, in every place and in every culture. And not only this, as it changes with every person, in search of this perfect bathroom equipment that does not disappoint in completely satisfying those daily necessities. Therefore, looking around in pursuit of the essence of a bathroom is discovering that there is not a specific way to interact with water, and furthermore, there is not a unique and definitive bathroom either.

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